• AD7699, Temperature measurement

    I get wrong temperature value when I read out the internal temperature sensor in the AD7699.

    The environmental temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius. According to  the data sheet should the voltage be approximate 283mV.  I read out  262,5 mV (dac value…

  • AD7699评估板

    ad7699评估板电路图 ADC BUFFERS中 R46的作用是什么,  R53与C58的作用是低通滤波吗

    ad7699评估板电路图EXTERNAL REFERENCE OPTIONS中R26、C38、R28的作用是什么

  • AD7699: Sharing SPI bus

    Hi, I have a couple of question about using an AD7699;

    Some background: Basically I'm developing a product where we need to sample two channels of the AD7699 at very specific time intervals (around 40uS), so I'll be using an timer interrupt to control…

  • AD7699 evalution software


    To evaluate AD7699, I installed its evaluation software(PulSAR to EVAL-CED1Z software) from ADI website ( http://www.analog.com/en/products/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters/ad7699.html#product-evaluationkit ).

    When I executed the evaluation…

  • AD7699 Linux driver


    Any body have Linux driver for ad7699. I could not find driver in Analog devices website or in Linux kernel tree. Please help me to acquire data from ad7699.

  • AD7699 Buffer?

    Do I need to use a buffer for the Analog Inputs if I am reading DC Values?

  • AD7699 EVB  issues

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    I am using AD7699, and have some issues about the EVB.

    What the function of R46 of ADC BUFFER,  does   R53 and C58 configure a low-pass filter.

    What is the functio of R26、C38、R28

  • AD7699 lsb's=111

    I am using an AD7699 in general timing without busy indicator, readwrite during conversion, configuration register = 11110011110111.

    The three lsb are always equal to 1.  (Even after replacing with a new part and validating timing)

    Any thoughts?


  • AD7699: Sequencer, Throughput


    We are working on analog module. 

    AD7699 seems to work for design. However I have following queries:

    1. Once the ADC sequence register is set to give the channel output in a particular sequence using sequencer, is it required to reprogram sequence…

  • Problem with AD7699


    My name is Nikolay Krotov.  Our  firm have some AD7699 and we try them.  There is  a problem . By datasheet it is 16 bit ADC. We try slowly (constant) signal. So  we take data from ADC with 0.1sec period.

    Regime ADC – external  REF = 5.0v. Frequen…