• RE: Ad7699 unipolar mode working abnormally


    The next step is to look at how you are connecting things to the ADC and the amount of settling time between conversions.   Can you please share any additional circuits you are using to condition the signal(s) you are attempting to measure.   In fact…

  • 关于AD7699排序器的疑问

    大家好 最近在调试AD7699 用FPGA控的 发现使用内部排序器后 采不到正确的电压值

    后来关闭排序器 手动调整通道号 采集的就是正常的了

    请问在使用内部排序器时 需要注意哪些呢

  • AD7699, Temperature measurement

    I get wrong temperature value when I read out the internal temperature sensor in the AD7699.

    The environmental temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius. According to  the data sheet should the voltage be approximate 283mV.  I read out  262,5 mV (dac value…

  • AD7699评估板

    ad7699评估板电路图 ADC BUFFERS中 R46的作用是什么,  R53与C58的作用是低通滤波吗

    ad7699评估板电路图EXTERNAL REFERENCE OPTIONS中R26、C38、R28的作用是什么

  • AD7699: Sharing SPI bus

    Hi, I have a couple of question about using an AD7699;

    Some background: Basically I'm developing a product where we need to sample two channels of the AD7699 at very specific time intervals (around 40uS), so I'll be using an timer interrupt to control…

  • AD7699 evalution software


    To evaluate AD7699, I installed its evaluation software(PulSAR to EVAL-CED1Z software) from ADI website ( http://www.analog.com/en/products/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters/ad7699.html#product-evaluationkit ).

    When I executed the evaluation…

  • AD7699 Linux driver


    Any body have Linux driver for ad7699. I could not find driver in Analog devices website or in Linux kernel tree. Please help me to acquire data from ad7699.

  • AD7699 Buffer?

    Do I need to use a buffer for the Analog Inputs if I am reading DC Values?

  • AD7699 lsb's=111

    I am using an AD7699 in general timing without busy indicator, readwrite during conversion, configuration register = 11110011110111.

    The three lsb are always equal to 1.  (Even after replacing with a new part and validating timing)

    Any thoughts?


  • AD7699 EVB  issues

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    I am using AD7699, and have some issues about the EVB.

    What the function of R46 of ADC BUFFER,  does   R53 and C58 configure a low-pass filter.

    What is the functio of R26、C38、R28