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  • AD7694 wrong readings

    Dear all,

    I use an AD7694 for reading from current amplifiert of an BLDC which is driven with 20khz PWM.

    50% of readings from AD7694 are right and good but the other 50% give me very high velues.

    Normal are results around 47000 digits but in case of wrong…

  • Ad7694输出为F


  • AD7694电路及串口传输

    AD的精英们,我有问题需要解决,麻烦帮我看看 !









  • RE: 这11大应用领域,你在里面么?

    从事汽车应用相关领域,用的ADI的运放很多,AD8619,  AD7694   

  • RE: AD7680 non-monotonic clock operation

    Dear Karen

    Thank you very much for your advice.

    But in your case, the system side needs to use a higher clock.

    Then total system power might be increase.

    AD7680 clock stretch:

         It will work, but the performance might be degread.


    AD7694 CNV …

  • RE: ADC with really "True differential input"

    Thank you for replies.

    As I see in data sheet ADC with pseudo-differerential input couldn`t convert voltage below GND.

    For example AD7694. -IN should be connected to GND, and +IN should be between GND and VREF.

    So I can't convert negative voltage…

  • RE: Load Cell ADC Parts Decision Help

    Thank you for the quick reply.  Please let me clarify my previous statements.

    I am working on revamping a control circuit.  Previously everything was done in parallel.  I am converting to a serial design to decrease wiring.  My main goal is to match the…