• AD7693 damage

    AD7693 is widely used in our data acquisition system.  Over the years, we have seen damaged AD7693 time to time. Most of the cases, the current draw goes up and the chip gets really hot. Recently, a AD7693 chip still works but spins out garbage data.  Does…

  • AD7693 Linux driver

    Hi there,

    I am wanting to connect a few AD7693 ADCs to a SoC running Linux. There are enough SPI lines for me to connect 5 AD7693 chips.

    Is there a suitable Linux driver for this chip and are there any example dts files for configuring the device tree…

  • RE: Driving PulSAR A/D directly from AD8221 in op-amp

    Hi Damien,

    Thank you for considering Analog Devices for your circuit needs. For your question whether the AD8221 can directly drive the AD7693, the answer is yes. But you need to configure the two devices properly in order for the output of the AD8221…

  • AD7689 SPI timing chart

    Hi, all.

    I would like to ask about SPI timing chart for AD7689.

    I will use RSC mode and busy indicator.


    First SCLK seems to capture MSB data in the datasheet,figure 38 and figure 43.

    First SCLK should capture busy indicator(My understanding…

  • RE: AD7685 sdo outputs on wrong ref scale

    Hi Tim,

    The AD7687 is available for purchase / sampling on the analog.com website in the MSOP and LFCSP package.  Here is a link:  http://www.analog.com/en/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters/ad7687/products/inventory.html

    As well, I noticed it…

  • ad7476.c Linux driver in daisy chain mode

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to use the ad7476.c driver with a daisy chain of ADCs ?

    I notice that the ad7476.c driver supports many different ADCs, we want to use 4 AD7693 ADCs on the same SPI bus ...

    I was wondering if this has been done ? Are there…

  • RE: EVAL-AD7982-PMDZ, High THD-3 level.


    ADC board was interfaced to Nucleo-stm32H743zi2 , FFT size 32k. Test setup is irrelevant, since both ADC evaluation boards were tested in exactly the same conditions. Simply, replacing one unit for another w/o changing any single wire connection.…

  • ADC with really "True differential input"

    Hi collegues.

    I need ADC with really differential input and single supply.

    -IN connected to reference point (REF/2)

    +IN connected to input signal (+\- 2.5v)

    I tried AD7684 but DataSheet tells that +IN and -IN MUST be in opposite phase to reference…

  • AD7684 issue (strange behavior)


    We are trying to modify the input stage of an already manufactured board by replacing AD7793 by AD7684 in order to measure up to 1KHz signals. I have attached a simplified schema of our input stage and two waveforms we have obtained from the AD7684…

  • RE: Is it a real breakthrough to remove the input voltage range limitation of IA

    Hi Jebas,

    PLease see attached list of the ADIs some of the latest differential ADCs with less tahn 2 LSB INL error. I have short listed this ADCs for DAQ systems application. I have included in the column on the file the throughput rate and full power…