• RE: PulSAR ADC PMODs Gerber zip file lost drill files

    Hi Sean, thanks. It seems you think you guys should have them, just forgot to put in the site. Will look forward to the quick response.

    Meanwhile, would you please take a look of the question raised in the link below. No answer for a long time.


  • RE: code of the test pattern of   AD7960?

    Hi Maithil,

    I also want to verify my FPGA Design with the test patterns of ad7690, so could you please send me informations about the generated random code?



  • Digital Logic instead of a Microprocessor

    Is it possible to control a AD7690 in the 3-Wire CS Mode (Rev. C, Figure 34) by using the CNV and CNV and SDO  lines with only simple digital logic rather than using a microprocessor?

  • RE: ltc2159i+ada4932-1



  • RE: AD719x reference buffer amplifier?


    the 7uA average current is not a problem for most amplifiers, but the transient current is, as I explained above.

    Therefore "low output impedance at lower frequencies" is not relevant, but tolerance to transient loads is.

    You mention…

  • Eval ADC for -140dB THD+N Measurement


    I need to buid a Noise/Distorsion meter for further product qualification.

    I've got mains fonctionnal blocks:

    - fixed oscillator, -140db THD+N @1kHz, 10Vpp

    - oscillator matched suppression notch filter

    - discrete 400pV/Hz Amplifier G=1k or…

  • RE: AD7960 evaluation software使用问题



  • RE: CN0335 - data aquisition PMOD

    Hi Saurabh,

    The CN0335 comes ready to use out of the box with a +/-10 full scale input range.  The attenuation network (resistors, capacitors, and amplifier) ensures the voltage seen by the ADC is not outside its full scale range. (which is only 2.5V…

  • RE: SPORT - gate the clock?

    Hi Dan,

    Is there any way to have the SPORT clock stop when the transmission is complete?  Some A2Ds don't like free-running data clocks.

    In my case, I need to connect an AD7690 to an ADSP 21368.  Since it needs 18/19 bits, I can't easily use the SPI…