• ad7689 使用问题


  • AD7689 的讀取

    我使用AD7689 來讀取a/d 的資料我的問題如下:

    1. 我的VDD 使用3.3V 供電時,我的CFG 暫存器的Bit 3~5 設為110 是不是就是A/D 的參考電壓為3.3V

        解析度的計算為3.3/65535 = 0.00005V 每一個刻度?

    2.我把CFG 暫存器的Bit 0 設為 1時, 是不是代表我每次寫入 CFG 暫存器時,就由SDO 跟著讀取 上一次A/D

       轉換的DATA ?

  • SCK of AD7689


    I'm DFAE. I have a question about SCK of AD7689 from my customer. WE can see following discription on the datasheet of AD7689.

    "Because the AD7682/AD7689 have an on-board conversion clock, the serial clock, SCK, is not required for the conversion…

  • Labview Software for AD7689


    I am currently working on creating an interface with a NI sbRIO to an AD7689. I was wondering if anyone could share Labview software that interfaces to the AD7689 or a part with a similar SPI interface.


  • SAmple code AD7689

    Can i get a sample code for AD7689.

  • Question about AD7689

    Hi All,

    I consider to use  AD7689 with a busy indicator and the RAC mode. According to the data sheet page 29/35,

    minimum 17 SCK falling edges are needed to generate the busy indicator properly. But a host (MCU) I'm going to use provides 20 clocks. 20…

  • AD7689 internal reference

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using AD7689 with internal reference 2.5V. I connected to the REF op-amp buffer to provide voltage reference to RTD current source. RTD circuit has low pass filter. My question is: What can I do to turn on ADC voltage reference before…

  • AD7689 Abnormal Outputs

    I've been working the AD7689 and I seem to be running into an odd issue. At random intervals I'll have a couple bad reads meaning, with a stable input the ADC will respond with a value around 0xCFA1 and then randomly drop to around 0x800A and then return…

  • Questions about AD7689


    I plan to use AD7689 and have some trouble to clearly understand the data

    My plan is to use 3 inputs as bipolar differential with their “ground” at the
    level of Vref/2 either at the corresponding negativ input (eg. IN1, IN3, IN5)

  • AD7689 digital interface timing

    I double checked with spec that there is no timing graph except some simple
    text to descrip the modes of  "Reading/Writing During Conversion, Fast Hosts "
    and "Reading/Writing During Acquisition, Any Speed Hosts "

    Would you…