• RE: AD7689 unipolar differential pair problem


    The issue with your circuit is the voltage at the odd channel input (IN1) exceeds the allowable 0V +/- 0.1V for unipolar operation.   

    Thus for your current implementation to be able to read the correct value you are likely going to have to reference…

  • RE: ad7689 使用问题

    看看每个通道的模拟输入电压是多少 ?

  • RE: Abou temperature drift of the internal reference of the AD7689


    Apologies. We only specified it with a typical ±10 ppm/°C. But we will contact the product apps and see if they have available data. 



  • AD7689: FAQs

    I am going to use the AD7689 in order to digitize 4...20 mA signals and
    temperature signals from various sensor. The reference voltage source will be
    an external 2.5V (AD441BRZ). The inputs will be driven by AD8628 and AD8231. As
    the positive…

  • AD7689

    Hi everyone,

    i have a problem with the AD-Converter AD7689.

    As long the temperature of the device/board is below +50°C all nine channels are converted correctly.

    If the temperature rises, i see a shift of the channels. It seems that one or more channels…

  • AD7689 Circuit


    I'm trying to interface and AD7689 to a Raspberry Pi but for some reason, I am not succeeding. I have fried a Raspberry Pi in the process so I'd like to make sure that the circuit I am using is ok. The smoke came out near the power port of the…

  • AD7689 doesn't response


       recently I've been working with SPI programming for AD7689. I am using 8-channel single ended input configuration, external reference (3.3V), full bandwidth, and disabled sequencer. The SPI timing mode is RAC(read/write after conversion), without…

  • ad7689 problem

    ad7689 16bit sar

    rdc mode

    cfg : b 0111 0001 1100 01

    vref 4.096 V   vin : 0 to 3.3 V

    *reading analog channel 0

    what clock frequency(sck)  should i use ?

  • AD7689 RDC MODE

    I am trying to configure AD7689 for RDC mode. I have setup my code to follow all the necessary timing conditions. However I get incorrect results on my output. It seems to be a 1bit MSB error. For example if I value is supposed to be 14000 I get 7000…