• RE: Labview Software for AD7689


    You can download the AD7689 eval software from the link below.

    EVAL-AD7689 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    You can also refer to the AD7689 wiki page below to see how the SPI interface is implemented.

    CED1Z FPGA Project for AD7689 with Nios…

  • RE: AD7689 内部基准电压,静止数据看着被截断了。

    1. 首先用万用表确定AD7689模拟输入电压是多少?

    2. 再用示波器把AD7689的CNV, SCK, SDO的数据时序抓到,看是不是AD7689实际输出码值是否正确?

    3. 可以看一下原理图截图吗?

  • RE: DC differential input for AD7689


    Please see below for some answers of the the inquiry.

    1.     Can AD7689 allow differential DC voltages from -100mV to 100mV?

              Yes. The AD7689 can allow differential voltage from -100mV to 100mV. You should also refer to the following EZ thread for…

  • AD7689 Busy indicator and SDO bits

    Hello, Accordin to ad7689 datasheet, if busy indicator is used, there must be 17 falling edges. But AD7689 is 16 bit and when we use busy indicator, Is SDO data 17 bit.

  • AD7689 SPI communications with COldFire 5329

    I have a board with a ColdFire 5329 and an AD7689. I am using SPI to talk to the AD7689. The SPI wants to be configured for the same number of bits for data in and data out. The AD7689 expects 14 bit data in and 16 bit data out. Can I just pad out the…

  • AD7689

    Hi everyone,

    i have a problem with the AD-Converter AD7689.

    As long the temperature of the device/board is below +50°C all nine channels are converted correctly.

    If the temperature rises, i see a shift of the channels. It seems that one or more channels…

  • AD7689 Sample and hold / track and hold

    I would like to ask a question about the AD7689.

    Specifically, in the data sheet, on page 18, it is stated that : ” The AD7682/AD7689 provide the user with an on-chip track and-hold and do not exhibit pipeline delay or latency.”

    Does this mean that…

  • SAmple code AD7689

    Can i get a sample code for AD7689.

  • ad7689 problem

    ad7689 16bit sar

    rdc mode

    cfg : b 0111 0001 1100 01

    vref 4.096 V   vin : 0 to 3.3 V

    *reading analog channel 0

    what clock frequency(sck)  should i use ?

  • Interfacing BF527 to AD7689

    Can i get any documents to read about interfacing with AD7689 using SPORT?