• AD7688: Using with ADuM1301

    We are planing to use either AD7688 or the AD7686 A2D-Converter due to their
    excellent SNR in our application. These converters are capable of a throughput
    of 500kSamp/sec, we want to use this full speed. Thus the aquisition time to
    get out the…

  • AD7682 and AD7688 busy indicator

    I am using AD7682 and AD7688 components. I do accesses through a PLD and I am
    wondering how using the busy indicator.

    In the AD7682 datasheet, in the paragraph "General timing with a busy
    indicator", it is written: "At the EOC, if CNV…

  • -URGENT- AD7688 analog input is instability.


    We're facing a issue that the analog input is instability below.

    CH4 is IN+. CH3 is SDO.

    Actually the driver amp is OPA197 (Ti), we recommend ADA4084-1 instead of Ti.

    But the customer say if the instability is not improved within this week, he may…

  • RE: Input requirement of AD7688

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  • AD7688无法采集正弦信号的幅值





  • AD7688采样问题



  • AD7688的时钟线一直处于高电平状态


  • ENOB of AD7688  when set 1.0V to VREF.


    I have a question from our customer about AD7688 ENOB performance.

    In the datasheet page-4, the vref input voltage range is described as 0.5V to VDD+0.3V.

    Our customer is going to use 1.0V for vref voltage.

    And they needs 14bit ENOB in this…

  • The I/O timing of AD7688 in use of VIO 1.8V.


    I have a question from a customer about timing parameter of AD7688.

    The VIO range is described as 1.8V to Vdd+0.3 in page4 of the datasheet.

    But "specified performnace" range is 2.3V to Vdd+0.3V.

    Our customer wants to know the I/O…