• AD7687

    I appreciate it if you could suggest me a AD7687 Datasheet explaining why the Common-Mode Input Range of AD7687 is up to VREF/2 + 0.1 V.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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  • AD7687 SPI problem


    I am using the 16-Bit Differential ADC AD7687 in my project and I have some troubles to read out the correct values. The ADC is powered by a 5V reference voltage which is not optimal but I have no other choice. Then I use 3.3V as I/O voltage for…

  • EVAL-AD7687-PMDZ with Arduino


    I wanted to interface my EVAL-AD7687-PMDZ with an Arduino Due (ATMEL SAM3X8E ARM). Is this possible directly with the SPI connections on the evaluation board? Is there a library available that is already implemented?

    And also, something I can't…

  • AD7687 Precision ADC: ADC stopped converting

    At work we have implemented an Analog to Digital Converter on our own PCB using the AD7687. We currently have 10 of these boards in constant operation. We have had 2 of these boards fail in a way that looks like the ADC IC is no longer running. All other…

  • The full scale of AD7687

    The url http://www.analog.com/en/content/Tested_Product_Combinations/fca.html is about tested amp/adc driver.

    I can't understand:

    How are ENOB bits equal 15.5 if ADI recomended the schema for AD7687 which use only the positive scale of output codes…

  • AD7687 Operates Single-Ended, not differential.

    I have a board with three AD7687's that are acting like single-ended ADC, not differential.

    The parts are marked C03 #535.
    The devices operating in Chain Mode With Busy Indicator, connected as shown in the datasheet.
    Sample rate is 5K samples/second…

  • using AD7687 for phase-to-phase voltage measurement of three-phase system of alternating current

    We have the target board with three AD7687 ADC for phase-to-phase voltage measurement of three-phase system of alternating current.

    The target board schema is shown figure 1.

    MCU is the microprocessor control unit. MCU start the ADC conversion and read…

  • RE: AD7685 sdo outputs on wrong ref scale

    Hi Tim,

    The AD7687 is available for purchase / sampling on the analog.com website in the MSOP and LFCSP package.  Here is a link:  http://www.analog.com/en/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters/ad7687/products/inventory.html

    As well, I noticed it…

  • RE: AD7942 signed output

    Hi Thejashree,

    Thanks for your query.

    The AD7942 is a pseudo-differential ADC, meaning it samples a single-ended signal relative to IN- (which is nominally tied to ground). As such, the output data is unsigned, and there are no options to have it output…

  • RE: ADSP21489 with external ADC/DAC

    SPORT has one minus. It's need extra two clocks before SPORT is starting.


    Also if you could use SAR like AD7687 you must go high CLK before Sharc out CNV so you must stop or you must external logic. I have the discussion…