• AD7687

    I appreciate it if you could suggest me a AD7687 Datasheet explaining why the Common-Mode Input Range of AD7687 is up to VREF/2 + 0.1 V.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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  • RE: The full scale of AD7687


    The typical connection diagram for the AD7687 is displayed in figure 27 on page 14 of the AD7687 data sheet.  The data sheet can be found at:


    -- Ryan

  • RE: AD7685 sdo outputs on wrong ref scale

    Hi Tim,

    The AD7687 is available for purchase / sampling on the analog.com website in the MSOP and LFCSP package.  Here is a link:  http://www.analog.com/en/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters/ad7687/products/inventory.html

    As well, I noticed it…

  • EVAL-AD7687-PMDZ with Arduino


    I wanted to interface my EVAL-AD7687-PMDZ with an Arduino Due (ATMEL SAM3X8E ARM). Is this possible directly with the SPI connections on the evaluation board? Is there a library available that is already implemented?

    And also, something I can't…

  • RE: AD7687 Operates Single-Ended, not differential.


    It would be helpful if you can share your schematic and scope screenshots showing input and output signals (SDO, SCK, CNV, etc.).

    Are you using one of the driver amplifiers recommended in table 10 of the datasheet?

    Note that the AD7687 is a…

  • RE: AD7687 SPI problem

    Thanks Maithil for your detailed reply. The problem was the test signal, it wasn´t really differential. Now with a new test signal and a common voltage it works perfectly.

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  • RE: ADSP21489 with external ADC/DAC

    SPORT has one minus. It's need extra two clocks before SPORT is starting.


    Also if you could use SAR like AD7687 you must go high CLK before Sharc out CNV so you must stop or you must external logic. I have the discussion…

  • RE: Which is better SPI or SPORT interfaces to ADCs or DACs

    So you can take into account that The SPORTS are ready to transmit or receive two serial clock cycles after enabling. So two waste seraial clocks aren't need for ADC as SAR (AD7687, AD7685 and etc)

  • RE: invalid behaviour AD8132

    Can you help us to choose the schema which gain the voltage from current shunt and the gain signal go to differential ADC like AD7687. It would nice if the shema gain the differential mode. The current which flow through a shunt may be ac or dc.

  • RE: Ultra low power data collection - reading strain guage

    Hi Lionell,

    No worries on keeping commenting. It always help because, it can be give a better understanding of the problem.

    I found an ADC that is differential that is supplied from 2.5V to 5.5V. The AD7687 one of the candidates I found. The reference…