• Visual analog for AD7686

    Hi All,


    is it possible to use the Software  VISUAL ALALOG in the ADC AD7686? I do not have an evaluation board, but i have the sampled data. could i treat this data with VISUAL ANALOg?


    Thank you

  • AD7686 SPI question regarding conversion

    I received this question from a customer:

    I’ve attached a picture of the logic analyzer capture. I have two questions.

    1. Am I preforming the acquisition/conversion correctly? I have from to read a bunch of analog values. The time to read each analogue…
  • How do you set the conversion rate with the AD7686?

    The conversion rate appears to be from 0 to 500Ksps and the conversion clock appears to be internal, but I cant find a control reg to set the rate.  Oddly missing information in the DS...


  • C code for AD5522

    I need C code for AD5522,and my Controller is STM32F429BIT6.My system have two AD5522,

    I also need C code for  AD7685 or AD7686 .

    thank you!

  • What type of converters can the ADA4807 drive?

    What type of converters can the ADA4807 drive?


    The low broadband noise of 3.1nV/rHz and the low distortion of -139dBc makes
    the ADA4807 an ideal option for driving 16 and 18 bit SAR converters such as
    the AD7980, AD7685/AD7686 and the…
  • RE: AD7690 Readings / Output code

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for the response.

    Is it not OK to use the AD7690 as single ended? Just taking IN- to GND like on the AD7686? We went for the AD7690 because of the 18-bits.

    In this case would the common mode voltage matter if I am only using IN+ ?

  • RE: -URGENT- AD7688 analog input is instability.

    Hi Hiroyuki,

           The customer is having Vin+=DC voltage and Vin-= GND. What is the value of the DC voltage? This should work if Vin+= Vref. Please take note that the AD7688 is a differential ADC, it is expecting that the input of Vin+ and Vin- is opposite…

  • AD7688: Using with ADuM1301

    We are planing to use either AD7688 or the AD7686 A2D-Converter due to their
    excellent SNR in our application. These converters are capable of a throughput
    of 500kSamp/sec, we want to use this full speed. Thus the aquisition time to
  • AD7685 使用在多路切换系统的,总采样最大频率到底能达到多少?

    使用AD7685BRMZ 用在一个多路切换的采集系统中,Vref=4.096V。如果使用分时切换采集方式,为了保证信号具有充足的建立时间(按切换的两通道信号为最大压差考虑),总的采集频率最大约10ksps(实际测试结果).

    我的问题是:ADC的外部电路,在多路切换切换过程,最大压差情况下信号建立时间小于3us。 而且AD7685  的Full-scale step  最大时间为 1.8us (见数据手册截图) ,两个时间之和也是小于5us。在这样一个采集系统中,完全可以将总采集频率提高到100ksps…

  • RE: ADC with really "True differential input"

    Hi vlad8016,

             What Klaus mentioned are right. There are three most common types of ADC input structure a.) Single- Ended b.) Pseudo Differential c.) True Differential.  From your description above I can see that you are looking for ADC that has a pseudo…