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  • AD7685

    Can anyone please provide me with the spice / lt spice file of AD7685. ??

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    Could anyone tell me an alternative for AD7685 and ADuM1402 in NI-Multisim13. Also not just in multisim please help me in finding an alternative for AD7685 and AduM1402.

    Thank You

  • AD7685: SDO


    I am using AD7685, and the mode is CS Mode 3-Wire with Busy.

    In this mode, SDO goes high because it is a pull-up when the analog to digital conversion starts.

    In the data sheet, the pull-up of SDO is 47KΩ.

    In the pull-up of 47KΩ, it goes…

  • RE: AD7685 - 5V Ref and 5V Input, not full scale output?

    Hi Will,

    Can you tell me what you're using to provide the 5V rail?  I noticed from your schematic that you're not using an ADC driver for this prototype.  The input of the AD7685 is a dynamic, capacitive load, and a typical bench-top supply may…

  • RE: AD7685 使用在多路切换系统的,总采样最大频率到底能达到多少?

    手册中,AD7685  的Full-scale step  最大时间为 1.8us,指的是阶跃波形建立完成后,AD7685需要的采集时间是1.8us.

    AD7685手册中,−3 dB Input Bandwidth的典型值为2MHz, 建立到16 bits的解析度误差,大概需要的建立时间为:12 * 0.5us = 6us.

  • Power AD7685 - Multiple Supplies - Power Sequence


    I would like to know if there's a recommended practice for power-up the different supplies of the AD7685. I'm designing a battery operated device which has the following sections: Sensor, Signal Conditioning Circuitry, AD7685 and MCU.

  • AD7685 Input Voltage Range

    I am using the AD7685, powered on +5V/-5V, as a transimpedance amplifier.  I need to shift the output (when there is no current input) to -4.5V, but according to the data sheet I should not apply -4.5V to the positive input because the Input Voltage Range…