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  • AD7685

    I am using AD7685 to read a CMOS linear camera sensors. The sensor has 512 pixels. It reads 512 consecutively at 125Khz, wait some time, then read it again. 

    The first few AD readings, for some reasons, are always off a little bit. The first reading has…

  • AD7685: FAQs

    Problem with the AD7685. The conversion is only on 12 bits. I work in mode 3
    wire with no busy indicator. The last 4 LSB bits are always high. I read in
    hexa 0xXXXF. What are the conditions which may cause this problem.


    The ADC needs separate…

  • AD7685

    Can anyone please provide me with the spice / lt spice file of AD7685. ??

  • AD7685 startup issue,

    I am running the AD7685 at 3-wire WITH busy indicator setup. 

    After power up, some readings I get are wrong, If I do the following, the problem is corrected:

    1. touch the AD7685 with my finger. 

    2. blow air on the chip from my mouth. 

    3. let it run for a…

  • AD7685: SDO


    I am using AD7685, and the mode is CS Mode 3-Wire with Busy.

    In this mode, SDO goes high because it is a pull-up when the analog to digital conversion starts.

    In the data sheet, the pull-up of SDO is 47KΩ.

    In the pull-up of 47KΩ, it goes…

  • ad7685 diode clamp required

    The opam has power supply of 8, and -12VDC. 

    In some conditions, the output can swing to 8 and -12v. 

    Will that damage the AD7685? We have noticed issues with the readout is shifted downward. For example, 0vdc shows up as 60000, 5V shows up at 30000. 0…

  • AD7685 Input Voltage Range

    I am using the AD7685, powered on +5V/-5V, as a transimpedance amplifier.  I need to shift the output (when there is no current input) to -4.5V, but according to the data sheet I should not apply -4.5V to the positive input because the Input Voltage Range…

  • AD7685 input voltage protection

    Hi all,

    I need to convert a signal obtained from an AD8226, wich is powered with +24V, using an AD7685.

    The output signal of the AD8226 is normally in the range 0-2.5V but can reach the +24V under a fault conditions.

    The datasheet of the AD7685 indicates…