• AD7684: Stuck bits

    result b0 and b3 are always "0"

    I have 2 cards with that bug.

    Have you an idea or solution !?


    The majority of "peculiar problems" that we see with SAR ADCs (e.g. "stuck"
    bits among the LSBs, non…
  • AD7684 issue (strange behavior)


    We are trying to modify the input stage of an already manufactured board by replacing AD7793 by AD7684 in order to measure up to 1KHz signals. I have attached a simplified schema of our input stage and two waveforms we have obtained from the AD7684…

  • AD7684共模误差的事


  • CMRR of AD7683 and AD7684

    The AD7683 is pseudo differential input and AD7864 is true differential input.
    It is known that the pseudo differential input structure features less CMRR
    than true differential input structure. However, in the datasheet, the CMRR
  • AD7684数据读取问题


    uint16_t read_ad7684(void)


        uint8_t i;

        uint16_t dat=0;









  • AD7684 Pre-Processing-Best Methods Approach


    I have a couple of questions on this part, and the best way to pre-process the incoming signal.

    I have a low frequency AC sensor that is single ended and requires AC coupling. With the present circuit, I'm using an ADA4096 (due to it's excellent…

  • nasty midscale error with AD7684, 16-Bit, PulSAR® ADC

    Hi everybody,

    I'm evaluating AD7684 ADC with true differential input at

    5V supply and an external precision voltage reference of 4.096V.

    It is piggy back mounted to an existing board of a running

    series, firmware is adapted to its needs. Resolution…

  • AD7684读取后转换成电压的问题。


    是不是应该最后把读取的AD值换算成电压值的公式应该是===》 AD/2^16*VREF/2才对?


    究竟是哪个正确呢?AD/2^16*VREF ?AD/2^16*VREF/2?

    如果是AD/2^16*VREF 正确的话,那又是哪出问题了呢?


  • ADC with really "True differential input"

    Hi collegues.

    I need ADC with really differential input and single supply.

    -IN connected to reference point (REF/2)

    +IN connected to input signal (+\- 2.5v)

    I tried AD7684 but DataSheet tells that +IN and -IN MUST be in opposite phase to reference…

  • RE: Doubt regarding 1) -ve voltage input to AD7864 2) 12-bit Word generated by the AD7864

    Hi Janmay,

    Apologies for my delayed response.

    I am assuming that you are using the AD7684-1. From your schematic with VinxB connected to AGND,the AD7684-1 is configure to have a +/-10V Range input voltage range.

    1. On your first question that you are…