• The accuracy difference of AD7683

    When measuring voltage signal with AD7683, the same board, different AD7683 chip, why some AD chip measurement accuracy is high, some AD chip measurement accuracy is low.Is there a quality problem with the chip?

  • problem with AD7683


    I have some problem with AD7683: my STM receive from ADC all zeroes ("0").

    Using AD7683 with STM32F429.

    Power : 3,3V.

    REF : 3V.

    +IN : 0..3V.

    -IN : GND.

    DATACLOCK trying from 2,9MHz to 10KHz.

    Using 24 bit hardware SPI and 22 bit software…

  • AD7683测量精度差异性


  • RE: AD7683 verilog parameter question


    Assuming you're talking about the code from: BeMicro FPGA Project for AD7683 with Nios driver [Analog Devices Wiki]  .

    The 100 MHz clock is the system clock. The 2.3 MHz clock is the clock rate of the digital interface, in order to meet the…

  • RE: AD7683 and Sampling clock

    Hi Chaitanya,

    The AD7683 has a Serial Data Clock Input - DCLOCK. You can vary the sampling frequency by changing the speed of a clock to DCLCOK input Since the conversion result on DOUT pin is synchronized to DCLOCK.


    Note that the AD7683 is compatible…

  • CMRR of AD7683 and AD7684

    The AD7683 is pseudo differential input and AD7864 is true differential input.
    It is known that the pseudo differential input structure features less CMRR
    than true differential input structure. However, in the datasheet, the CMRR
  • AD7683: Stuck bits

    I want to use the AD7683 instead of the 8320 of Burr Brown. The Device dont
    work correctly. The Data output is for some input voltages always the same. No
    bit toggled. The Timing will the same as in the Data sheet.


    AD7683 is a Successive…
  • RE: AD7683数据位数的大小

    请确认一下,您的每片 AD7683的REF引脚都有自己的10uF的储能电容吗?

  • Use of TL431 for voltage reference of AD7683


    I am interesting to use TL431 voltage reference to generate 5V to be used in Vref input of AD7683.

    This voltage reference has low noise voltage enough for AD7683?

    I am asking because many voltage reference devices inform noise voltage parameter…