• Some questions about AD7682

    Question 1:

    The AD7682 datasheet describes that there is a pin called COM which can connect to 0V or VREF/2V. But in which case we should connect the COM pin to the 0V and in which case connect to VREF/2V? What's the main function of the COM pin?…

  • AD7682 linux driver

    Could I use  AD7476A IIO Single Channel Serial ADC Linux Driver also for AD7682  or exist other drivers?

  • Problem reading AD7682


    I'm trying to read out an AD7682 with a LPC1113/301, but I only read back zero's. I'm want to use the internal reference of 2V5 (supply is 3.0V), but when measuring this on the REFIN pin it's almost 0V. When trying to read back the CFG register…

  • AD7682使用问题








    下边是使用XILINX chipscope…

  • AD7682 communication with SPI


    I am working with the ADC AD7682 and I have problems with the communication through SPI. I am sending to the ADC the configuration word 0b11110000001001 and it answers me only 0x7FFF. Here a screenshot of the communication:

    Has somebody an…

  • AD7682 Configuration problem


    I'm using the AD7682 ADC with a msp430 talking spi.  After a power I'm trying to configure the device but the configuration I'm reading back does not match the one I'm sending.  Here's what I'm sending:

    0xFF70 (Which is…

  • AD7682 and AD7688 busy indicator

    I am using AD7682 and AD7688 components. I do accesses through a PLD and I am
    wondering how using the busy indicator.

    In the AD7682 datasheet, in the paragraph "General timing with a busy
    indicator", it is written: "At the…
  • AD7682 temperature sensor

    Hi guys,

    I am testing this ADC and it works really good. Great noise features.

    My asking is for check my temperature sensor equation.

    To get the temperature, I send the configuration word: 0xB524(16 bit left align) that is:

    - Overwrite configuration …

  • Problem reading AD7682

    I am able to acquire proper reading after 3 conversion cycles. Can anybody please explain me, whether this ADC behaviour is common or i am making some mistake .

    i am using external VREF of 2.048V

    VCC = 3.3V

  • AD7682/AD7689 - busy indicator

    The AD7682/AD7689 Datasheet makes frequent reference to a "busy indicator" however there does not appear to be a description of what it actually indicates or how on should interpret it or act on it.

    Please could someone provide a description…