• AD7682/7689 SPI parallel connection


    The AD7682/AD7689 does not have a CS pin, but does it support multiple devices with SPI parallel connection?

    While the CNV/ pin is set to high, the SDI input is invalid and the SDO becomes high impedance.

    So I think that if CNV/ pin keep high after…


    I AD7682 datasheet at page 35, there is a timing diagram(figure.45) for READ/WRITE SPANNING CONVERSION WITH A BUSY INDICATOR.

    In this diagram, SCLK has idle high setting and the fast falling edge  shifts out MSB data. But it has 17 more clocking.

    I think…

  • AD7682

    I'm using an AD7682 and want to monitor the device temperature. This is available via the inbuilt temperature sensor, but whilst I can read the raw binary value ok, the datasheet does not explain the transfer function. How do I convert the binary to Degrees…

  • AD7682 SPI Control

    I'm designing SPI interfaces to control multiple AD7682 devices on a board, each with different analog input configurations and reference connections.  The intent is to hide the complexity of the SPI interface from software by continuously accessing…

  • configuring AD7682

    Background/Use case:

    4 analog sensors

    • - AC output range of ~+/- 0.5Vpk-pk
    • - DC offset of 1.65V
    • - Output impedance ~ 32kΩ +/- 8kΩ
    • - Output drives ADA4841-x buffers, which drive ADC inputs CH1-4
    • - sampled at 800 Sa/s
    • - 4 Sensor star grounds…
  • Questions about AD7682

       I am using AD7682 to make a data aquisition system.
       I connected the COM(pin10) to GND and used the internal reference 2.5V.
       But when the amplitude of the input sinewave exceed about 1.2V, half of the reference voltage, it seemed that the waveform…

  • AD7682 CNV Clarification

    Hi there,

    I'm using the four-channel AD7682 in the following mode:

    Internal reference and temperature sensor enabled. REF = 4.096 V buffered output.

    Unipolar, INx referenced to GND

    I'm having trouble interpreting the SPI example waveforms of Fig.…

  • ADC AD7682


    ADC AD7682 have digital SPI connection but no digital grounding specified in the package.

    As per datasheet " At least one ground plane should be used. It can be common or split between the digital and analog sections. In the latter case, the planes…

  • AD7682 - reference drive

    Here is the starting point of our circuit:

    For AD7682, we need to use an external reference voltage as we have a non-standard voltage (~1V).  So we would like to use an op-amp to drive the AD7682’s reference. It appears – if I read correctly, that there…

  • AD7682 Cin/Rin Variation

    Hi all

    In datasheet of AD7682, Cin/Rin are written as 27pF/2.2kOhm (typ.).

    1. How much is Cin/Rin variation?

    2. Can it prescribe as Max/Min?