• AD7671

    Can you suggest the alternate IBIS model which can be used for AD7671 for SI analysis ?

    We also require Rise/Fall time for AD7671.



  • AD7671

    Hi All,

    I am using AD7671 in my project with ADSP21369 processor . I have configured adc as per data sheet.It is in offset binary mode.when I try to read the data from rxspi.

    the digital output obtained is not constant .Is there any delays we should…

  • AD7671

    Hi All,

    I am a fresher who started to work in this field. my requirement is to interface AD7671 with ADSP21369 using SPI. Could you please tell me the steps how should I start my work. I am not understanding how to start. atleast a rough idea what are…

  • AD7671 IBIS Model

    Hi there, 

    I need AD7671 IBIS model, but I can't find it on the website.


    If you don't have the IBIS model,

    please tell me  ADC part number with IBIS model which has a similar I/O spec…

  • AD7671 Output has step


     When I use AD7671 to convert signal (1Hz to 1kHz), I found steps in the output.

    Attachment figure 1 is the waveform, where green line is input of AD7671;yellow line is the output of AD7671 (a DCA output, the DAC operated well).

  • AD7671 step


    I connected to input 0 V - code from AD7671 is 32463. It is fine. 

    But when I repeat request the code is

    32463 32591 32591 32463 32591  .... 

    32591 - 32463  = 128  - Where is low signif. bits ?? 

    I checked with serial and parallel data mode.

    My parallel…

  • problem with AD7671

    hi there,

                 I am using AD7671 ADC in one of my project. I accidentally supplied analog signal(13V) to the ADC without powering the ADC. Now this adc is behaving abnormally.  I am able to get accurate data till 2.5V input after this range the ADC doesn…

  • IBIS Model for AD7671


    As I am performing SI analysis for one of the processor boards. We need IBIS model for AD7671

    Please provide us with the IBIS model for AD7671.



  • Gain Error of AD7671


    I am not able to find Gain error of AD7671 in the datasheet. Can you provide the value? I need them for Error Budget

    Is there a way to calculate them from other parameters?



  • AD7671 interfacing with ADSP21369


    I am currently working on interfacing AD7671 with ADSP21369 using SPI communication protocol. Here ADSP acts as master and ADC as a slave. I have configured all the spi registers, srus. I am struck how to use ADC's CNVST pin to read the converted…