• AD8610: Short circuit current - driving the AD7667

    Does the output buffer of AD8610 opamp has short current limitting circuits?
    What its characteristics?
    Can the AD8610 drive AD7667 ADC?


    AD8610 does have short circuit protection, limiting the current to typically
    65-100mA. The absolute…
  • AD7667 input question

    hi all:

          Looking at the AD7667 datasheet, I have troubles understanding Figure 45. Using the AD7667 in 16-Bit Bipolar and/or Wider Input Ranges.

    Why the op amp can convert  ±10V to 0-2.5V. Should U2 connect the analog input signal to R2 and R3? But the…

  • RE: A problem about the internal Vref Of AD7667

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  • AD7667内部参考电压输出为0.5V,Why?


  • 我使用AD7667采集锯齿波信号,经过线性拟合后发现锯齿波有周期性噪声波动(这里的锯齿波信号由信号发生器产生)


  • 关于AD7667和AD7653的区别?


  • 250khz or higher 16bit ADC with master SPI data output

    DO you have 16bit precision ADC with master SPI so it can generate clock pulses on its own. Like AD7667. But AD7667 has too many pins. 

    Is there a product like AD7685 that has SPI master feature? With AD7685, so I don't  have to use additional FPGA…

  • RE: ADC nyquist filtering

    Apologies that the ADC you are using is not in the tool.  The AD7667 datasheet gives a recommendation for the RC filter and a suitable driver.  See Figure 26 and pages 18-19.


  • RE: grounding consideration for high precision ADC


    AD7641 for next upgrade.  

  • RE: Precision infinite sample and hold circuit


       The AD7767 has a feature to make the part as the master where it can provide serial data clock and SYNC signal. The AD7667/AD7671 family has this feature you may check on these parts on the ADI site (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation…