• How to derive the parameters Offset Voltage and Gain Error from AD7663 datasheet?


    I am using AD7663 in my Multi-Channel DAS. My input signal is Bipolar, +/-10V. I need to estimate the Offset and Gain error associated with AD7663. These errors are not explicitly mentioned in the datasheet. I tried to attain those parameters as…

  • Driving AD7663(16 bit ADC) using AD8421(Instrumentation Amp)


    I am designing a 16 bit 24 channel DAS. The input is differential +/-10V. AD8421 is used to remove the common mode signal. The output of AD8421 is single ended Bipolar +/-10V. Signal at the input of IA is varied at 50Khz. The input is DC which varies…

  • 关于AD7663 BUSY不变高

    我用AD7663做16位并口数据采集,为什么在BUSY低情况下发CNVST低 BUSY不变高呢,但BUSY会安自己的周期变高变低。

  • RE: AD977 TAG Pin

    Apologies for missing this query. The TAG input, when unused, should always be tied either high or low and not be allowed to float.

    However, this product is no longer recommended for new design. Please see https://www.analog.com/en/products/ad7663.html

  • 帮忙提供一款合适的芯片型号

    您好!我们之前选过一款16位的芯片,型号是  AD7663,在研发中用户提出了新的要求,需要增加到24位,请推荐一款24位的,其他性能跟 AD7663一样或差不多的芯片型号,谢谢!

  • AD7663AST采样器输出不准的问题


  • AD977A: Driving the inputs

    For our project, our pcb design is completed by using ad977a. After that point
    we started pcb tests. We observed problems for digitization process. We are
    trying to digitize the analog signal which is +/-10 v and 1k ohm output
    impedance. Can you…

  • RE: Are there IBIS models for AD976A and AD7226?


    Apologies for missing this item. I am not sure if it still relevant to you that this question will be answered, However, we are clearing up some open items in our community as others may still find this useful. 

    In terms of the question, I'm afraid we…

  • Can't we use an Instrumentation Amplifier in front of ADC


    I am designing a Multi channel 16 bit DAS. I am using AD7663 in my application.

    The signal path has an instrumentation amplifier AD8421. AD8421 is configured to give unity gain. I have calculated the Voltage noise introduced by AD8421. It comes…