• RE: AD7658-1 tconv > 3.1us

    Hi AllisonM,

       The maximum conversion time of the AD7658-1 is 3.1us across the Tmin to Tmax temperature range. The AD7658-1 conversion time was gathered in specific condition mentioned on page 7 (upper portion of the page). I can see that the AD7658-1 is…

  • 急急急:AD7658-1运行一段时间后无响应,busy信号一直为0






  • RE: AD7658, queries for current consumption

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    In regards to supply current, please let me ask you more.

    About the feature of the analog input, how does it different between AD7658 and AD7658-1 ?

    If it is clear what is different, we may assume why…

  • AD7658 -reading data


    I've got little problem with reading data from AD7658. I am using it in hardware and parallel mode. After power up, sending pulse signal to reset pin (with CONVST X high) and the high-to-low CONVST edge followed by a low-to-high CONVST edge, I…

  • About AD7658 Specifications

    Hi all,


    I use the AD7658 in Serial Mode(SER/PAR^/SEL = HIGH).

    There are two questions about characteristics.


    ①Timing in Serial Read Operation


    According to Figure 32, data is valid after the falling edge of SCLK.

    This is specified as the minimum of…

  • AD7658 output comnparison problem

    Hi all,

    I'm using ad7658 in parallel mode. I have written my own fpga code to read the analog inputs. In simulation it works regularly but i can't see the true results at the outputs when i change it input voltage value.

    In oscilloscope, the…

  • RE: 请教ADI工程师AD7658设计问题



  • AD7658的正负供电电源问题


  • AD7658转换正常,但是没有输出

    最近在用FPGA配一块AD7658芯片,   并行输出到FPGA。发现输出不读,然后我就用chipscope抓了下信号线,如下:

    可是,无论我输入是多少,抓出来的数据都是 0111 1111 1111(第一路数据,也就是ad_rd的第一个低电平对应的数据,这个芯片支持六路)。



  • AD7656/AD7657/AD7658: What order is channel data presented in serial mode, single DOUT line

    In the serial data mode for a single data line configuration can you tell me in
    which order channel data is presented on the DOUT line. This information is
    provided in the datasheet only for the parallel interface.


    In the case of using…