• RE: AD7657-1: How to improve noise of CH1?

    Hi Niall-san,

    Yes, I also think it is layput proble. But we confirmed it was different noise level between AD7657 and AD7657-1. Could you please look at the attached file?  They are output wave form of AD7657 and AD7657-1. We can see CH1 of AD7657-1 is…

  • RE: AD7656 and AD7657


    The AD7656 is a 16-bit version that is pin compatible with the AD7657.   Have you considered the AD7657-1?   I am actually looking into the demand side internally to understand the situation to see if we shouldn't be recommending a more modern part…

  • AD7657-1 DCINA input set-up and hold times & t17 minimum and what is t20?

    I use the AD7657-1 in serial mode.

    (i) Could you  please supply information on the DCINA input set-up and hold

    (ii) and a minimum time for t17 (Dout from  SCLK rising edge)?"
    This information is available for the AD2S8…
  • RE: Conversion error for AD7657

    Hi Kaos,

    Are you measuring directly the result on the ADC output? Please take note that the AD7657 digital output is in twos compliment.



  • RE: The error of converting for AD7657


    We are looking into this. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.



  • Connection pins on AD7656

    Hi there. Having a bit of a problem here. I have on my board  +5V, -5V and 3.3V and GND Lines. I am working with the AD7656 (Analogue to digital converter. My logical power input Vdrive is connected to the 3.3V and all other power inputs are using +/-…

  • AD7656 Analog Digital Converter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to use AD7656 for Analog conversion, controlled by a microcontroller. I have used the circuit recommended on page 22 of the datasheet for a parallel conversion with external reference, but it doesn't work. I checked the different…

  • [征文]+[转载]ADI-AD7657调试小结




    1. 1.测量ADC的各路供电,正常;




  • RE: Measurement of pulse amplitude - suggestion for ADC

    Hi Henning,

         We have some I2C ADC interface that may fit your application, you may check the AD799x. Just like to ask on when are going to use the trigger feature, is it when the pulse amplitude hit some kind of limit or outside the range? I am also…