• AD7656 and AD7657

    Hi There, 

    How are you? I am working on a design that involves the ADC chip AD7657. But this part is not no longer on stock on neither DK or Mouser, but I found AD7656 available on  LCSC Electronics. Can I use AD7656 as a replacement of AD7657? What is the…

  • Conversion error for AD7657

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    As for your ADC AD7657, why the miss conversion is happen in sometimes(not every time)?

    Do you have the similar case for this miss conversion in the past?


    We are just proceeding to verify for convert error why it is sometimes happen…

  • The error of converting for AD7657

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am studying to design with your 12 AD7657s that have same lot number.

    So I met the error problem.

    Why is this trouble happen?

    Please give me your good advice reason why?


    When I input 10V dc here, your AD7657 converted…

  • AD7657-1: How to improve noise of CH1?


    Our customer has a trouble about AD7657-1. Only CH 1 is noisy as compared to other CHs. Do you have any idea about causes ans/or countermeasures?

    Best regards,


  • [征文]+[转载]ADI-AD7657调试小结




    1. 1.测量ADC的各路供电,正常;




  • AD7657-1 DCINA input set-up and hold times & t17 minimum and what is t20?

    I use the AD7657-1 in serial mode.

    (i) Could you  please supply information on the DCINA input set-up and hold

    (ii) and a minimum time for t17 (Dout from  SCLK rising edge)?"
    This information is available for the AD2S8…
  • AD7656/AD7657/AD7658: What order is channel data presented in serial mode, single DOUT line

    In the serial data mode for a single data line configuration can you tell me in
    which order channel data is presented on the DOUT line. This information is
    provided in the datasheet only for the parallel interface.


    In the case of using…
  • AD7656 Analog Digital Converter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to use AD7656 for Analog conversion, controlled by a microcontroller. I have used the circuit recommended on page 22 of the datasheet for a parallel conversion with external reference, but it doesn't work. I checked the different…

  • Connection pins on AD7656

    Hi there. Having a bit of a problem here. I have on my board  +5V, -5V and 3.3V and GND Lines. I am working with the AD7656 (Analogue to digital converter. My logical power input Vdrive is connected to the 3.3V and all other power inputs are using +/-…

  • RE: AD7606 and AD7656 Evaluation Boards Schematic and PCB

    Hi John,

    You can check the schematic and the documentation for the AD7656 and AD7606 at the ADI website and search for the part. If you purchased the evaluation board, there should be a CD in the package included, that cotains the software and documentation…