• RE: AD7656A Absolute max

    Hi Karen

    Thank you very much for your support.

    The thread that you introduced say

    >The AD7656A and AD7656A-1 have incorporated the external schottky diodes required on the AD7656 and AD7656-1 when application of VDD and VSS before analog inputs cannot…

  • AD7656A和AD7656的区别


  • RE: AD7656 vs AD7656A-1 pin-for-pin & Software compatible?

    Hi Sam,

    Both devices are pin-for-pin and software compatible. The AD7656A-1 offers reduced decoupling requirements and improved power supply sequencing. 



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  • RE: AD7656a-1 NOT Working

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  • Input Resistance of AD7656A-1

    Dear ADI Technical Support,

    We are designing a buffer to drive the analog inputs of AD7656A-1 (250ksps, 6-channel, simultaneous sampling, bipolar, 16-bit ADC). And we have following questions regarding its analog inputs.

    1. What's the input resistance…

  • AD7656A return only two values

    Dear community,

    I have problems with AD7656A. It is connected in hardware mode, with internal reference, VDD/Vss +/-6V, input +/-5.0V max., input channels V1-V6, no STANDBY, CONVSTA+CONVSTB+CONSTSTC tight together, SPI interface, no daisy chaining.…

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