• Difference between AD7656 and AD7656-1

    Q: What are the similarities and differences between AD7656 and AD7656-1?


    • The AD7656-1 is a pin to pin and software compatible upgrade to the AD7656.
    • The AD7656-1 has reduced decoupling requirements and reduced bill of materials cost compared with…
  • AD7656/ AD7656-1 - grounding considerations

    Q: Are there special grounding considerations for the AD7656/AD7656-1?


    A: At least one ground plane should be used. It can be common or split between the digital and analog sections. In the case of the split plane, join the digital and analog ground…

  • AD7656/AD7656-1 - need for RESET

    Q: Do I need to reset the AD7656/AD7656-1 after each sample?

    A: In all modes, the parts should receive a RESET pulse after power-up. After the RESET has been applied, the part should convert normally.

  • AD7656-1 has DC Offset

    Hi, there

    I am using the AD7656-1 with a 200kHz sample at Ch V1.

    But, V1 measures 1.2mVdc to 1.8mVdc even though no signal is input. The average is 1.5mVdc.

    The same is true for V2 to V6 connected to GND.

    Does anyone have a solution? I will attach the…

  • AD7656/AD7656-1 - problems even after RESET

    Q: I have given the AD7656/AD7565-1 a RESET and a valid CONVST signal but I periodically get strange and repeatable data. I have factored out noise from input and timing issue during my debug. What else could I be missing?

    A: Ensure a stable reference…

  • AD7656-1 Evaluation Board data fetch

    I have AD7656-1 Evaluation Board and fetching data using Evaluation Board Software.

    I want to fetch data of whole 1 minute for analysis but in software I am not able do that, there is limitation.

    So is there any library (C, C++, python) or SDK by using…

  • RE: AD7656-1 Evaluation Board data fetch using C/Python/Java


    I have found this driver available in the product page which you can use as a reference. 

    AD7656-1 FMC-SDP Interposer & Evaluation Board / Xilinx KC705 Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki] 



  • RE: AD7656-1 Popping problem

    Hi, ClaireL, I have the same question, and I will deeply appreciate it if you could share your views with us, best wishes for you!

    question link as follow:


  • AD7656与AD7656-1的区别



    A) 如果AD7656和AD7656-1的输入通过100kohm电阻连接到AGND,这两款器件有何区别?

    B) 如果AD7656和AD7656-1的输入直接连接到AGND,这两款器件有何区别?

  • ad7656-1

    I'm requesting the gerber files for this product mentioned above... is it possible to receive them. thanks,