• AD7656 refer


    in my design ,i use one piece ad7656,it works in spi mode, i chose external reference(connect pin refin to 2.5V),and enable  internal refbuf (connect pin refbuf to gnd),but now i can not get busy signal from ad7656, it always low.so  i need you…

  • AD7656 CONVST timing


    We're having an issue with the timing for conversions with the AD7656.  We need four channels simultaneously converted, so we tie CONVSTA and CONVSTB together (let's call that our CONVSTART signal).  We drive that CONVSTART signal with a hardware…

  • AD7656-1 Popping problem

    I am using the AD7656-1 for monitoring power supply signals. The input signal level is +/-10V. All 6 inputs are buffered by AD8221BR(Diff opamp) and then connected to the AD7656-1.

    AD7656 power supplies: VDD=15V, VSS=-15V, AVcc=DVcc=5V, V-Drive=3.3V…

  • AD7656 power supply anomaly

    Hi all -

    We are using two AD7656 6-channel 18-bit converters on a new product.  We have an unexplained observation on the power supply of the prototype boards.  Here's an overview:

    AD7656 power supplies (all voltages nominal)

      VDD = +15

      VSS = …

  • AD7656 occasional bad data

    I'm operating an AD7656 using all 6 channels in software mode over the 16 pin parallel interface.  ConvstA is controlled by microcontroller, while ConvstB/C are tied low.  Reset is performed after powerup, and before configuring the control Register…

  • AD7656 missing lower bits

    I have a design that uses a AD7656.  I am reading the device in parallel byte mode.  When I read the device I get a valid value for the high byte (I have HBEN =1) and what seems to be a valid value for the lower byte, except the lowest 3 bits are always…

  • AD7656 and AD7657

    Hi There, 

    How are you? I am working on a design that involves the ADC chip AD7657. But this part is not no longer on stock on neither DK or Mouser, but I found AD7656 available on  LCSC Electronics. Can I use AD7656 as a replacement of AD7657? What is the…

  • ad7656-1

    I'm requesting the gerber files for this product mentioned above... is it possible to receive them. thanks, 

  • AD7656 IBIS model

    hi ,

    I'm looking for AD7656's IBIS



  • AD7656 protection diodes


    In the last datasheet of the AD7656, figure 36 was added presenting protection diodes over the Vdd power pins.

    Vdd limits are not specifically specified in the datasheet, however a value of 5V is legal.

    But what about [5V - Vdiode] ?   (as Vdi…