• AD7654: Analog Input - CONVST goes low

    Regarding the AD7654, how long does the analog input have to be stable for,
    after taking CoNVST low? I imagine it is a short time.


    The AD7654 incorporates a sample and hold circuit at the input.

    There is no requirement for the input to be stable…

  • negative input voltage on ADC (AD7654)


    in my Design I am using a AD7654 (16bit ADC). The analog frontend has a autozero function that uses a DAC to add a correction signal to the sensor signal. This works fine in normal operation however when the required DAC setting is determined…

  • Busy signal of AD7654

    Dear Sir,

    I'm using the AD7654. 16-Bits,500KSPS ADC.
    (Normal mode and Parallel Interface)

    We have observed a phenomenon that a busy signal remains set to High.

    It doesn't return to Low in RESET.

    Do you have any idea?.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours…

  • Vref< Avdd/2 ? for AD7654

    Dear Ms./Mr,

    In AD7654 datasheet.

    Parameter Conditions                       Min   Typ     Max        Unit

    External Reference Voltage Range:   2.3   2.5    AVDD/2    V.

    AVDD                                                4.75    5     5.25         V

    I ngeneral application,

    2.5V(+/- 10mv) ref  and 5V output LDO(4.9 to 5.1V )  are useed.

    They maybe 2.5V…

  • RE: Can AD7655 really sample at 1 MSPS?

    Hi ezmbi,

    AD7655  is pin-for-pin compatible with the AD7654, However  the AD7654 is actually the higher performing device. AD7655 provides data at 500 kSPS. For now there is no higher sample rate pin-for-pin compatible generic available. Thanks for catching…

  • RE: EVAL-76XXEDZ connecting to an µC with 8-bit parallel Interface

    Hi Karen,

    thanks for your answer. On the CD there is only a description how to use the board in standalone mode or with the CED. In standalone mode the board did all the controlling by itself (I cannot control it with our µC....I can only read the measured…

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  • RE: ad7654astz least bits problems


    The AD7654 can be driven directly without gain error but it has to be a low impedance source. Can you share your schematics so I can take a closer look?



  • RE: Driver for AD7606

    Hi Jino,

    My application is Coriolis flow meter which consists of the two parts, mechanical and electronics. Mechanical part has three coils and three magnets on it comprising three pairs. One pair is used for vibrating two stainless steel tubes. Simply…