• RE: Need help with the power supply for AD7634

    Hi, bmtil.

    For the front end, please refer to the Driver Amplifier Choice section of the AD7634 datasheet. A subsection on Single-to-Differential Driver shows how the AD7634 can be driven using the ADA4922.

    You may also find schematics of the AD7634…

  • >Unclearence regarding some Pins of AD7634


    in my project I am using the AD7634 as AD-Converter. The AD7634 is configured in 18bit Warp Mode, parallel interface, +10/-10V input signal.

    I want to control the AD7634 with the µC AT32UC3A Atmel Device.

    There are four pins from the AD7634…

  • RE: AD7634 Pin capacitance

    Hi, Gabriel.

    The analog input s-parameters data which tabulates the analog impedance values over frequency is available for specific products only. We do not have one for AD7634.

    What you can do is try the mathematical approach. The first attachment…

  • ADC7634 SCCS Pin


    I would like to know if the Serial Configurable Port (SCP) pins (SCCLK/SCIN) from AD7634 are in high impedance when the SCCS (Serial Configuration Chip Select) pin is high.



  • AD7634 - Histograms near the extremity of the scale


    I'm currently working with the AD7634 and I have a question about the thickness of the histogram when working at the extremity of the scale.

    Looking at the figure 7 of the datasheet (page 12), attached to this message, it is possible to see…

  • AD7634操作代码

    本人采用从时钟串行输出,发现ADC输出电平很混乱 没有逻辑,小弟采用的MCU为DSP28035


  • EVAL-AD7634 - Stand-alone mode

    Hi everyone!

    I wish to use the development kit EVAL-AD7634 as stand-alone mode. According to the datasheet (section "USING THE EVAL-AD762X/AD765X/AD766X/AD767XEDZ AS STAND-ALONE"):

    When the CONTROL input to the gate array is LOW, which is…

  • EVAL-AD7634 - External serial clock


    I recently acquired an EVAL-AD7634 board and wish to operate it as stand-alone (serial slave mode), with a TI DSP TMS320F28335 as serial master. I would like to know if it's possible to provide the serial clock from the DSP to the ADC through…

  • Problems using the single-to-differential driver for ADC AD7634


    I'm using the EVAL-AD7634 development kit, which input stage consists of two buffers using low noise AD8021 op amps. My signal is single-ended, so I would like to implement the proposed Single-To-Differential (S2D) driver from the datasheet of…