• AD7631 power supply problem

    After provided the power supply to AD7631 VCC=+12V, VEE=-12V, AVDD=DVDD=+5V,
    OVDD=+3.3V, I tested the voltage at the AD7631 power supply pins. I found that
    the voltage at OVDD is 4.3V rather than 3.3V. When I disconnected the power
    supply to OVDD…

  • AD7631/34 Power Supply Sequencing


    Do AD7631/34 have any power supply sequencing between VCC and DVDD/AVDD?

    Are there any rating of VCC to DVDD/AVDD or not?

    Although I investigated the absolute maximum ratings of the datasheet, I could not find these relations.



  • Driving ADC AD7631 using AD8421 and AD8271


    Please refer the attachment for schematic.

    I am working on multi channel Data acquisition system. Each channel is sampled and quantized in 25 us.

    AD7631, 18 Bit ADC, is used in this design. As per the information given in the ADC datasheet, a RF…

  • Clarification needed - Analog input range of AD7631 is +/-5.1V


    I am using AD7631 in my application. My input is true differential Bipolar. There is one parameter in its data-sheet which puts me into confusion. In page 3, parameter "Operating Voltage Range" says that the voltage range is +/-5.1 V. It…

  • AD7631: Increase in Noise Floor - Bcoz of Read/Write(Digital Communication)Operation?


    I am designing an Data acquisition system.

    I am using AD7631(18 Bit ADC) in the system.

    This ADC's digital lines are interfaced with FPGA through Isolators(ISO7141CC).

    The Mode of Operation of ADC during the read operation is "MASTER SERIAL…

  • Cumulative Error calculation for a voltage reference - ADR435


    I am using ADR435 as a reference for a 18 Bit ADC(AD7631). The specification demands a detailed calculation of error introduced by the reference. I have done the error analysis in following way. Please confirm that the calculations are correct and…

  • RE: Is it a real breakthrough to remove the input voltage range limitation of IA

    Hi Jebas,

    PLease see attached list of the ADIs some of the latest differential ADCs with less tahn 2 LSB INL error. I have short listed this ADCs for DAQ systems application. I have included in the column on the file the throughput rate and full power…