• Can I drive the AD7626 in a single-ended rather than differential?

    I'm looking for proper amplifier to driving the AD7626 in a single-ended..

    (I have EVAL-AD7626EDZ & CED1Z)

    In circuit note, CN-0105, AD4932 show best performance with AD7626

    but it requires the source impedance of 50 Ohm..

    (Actually, I want…

  • RE: AD7626 Application

    Hi Jonathan

       I cann't know whether AD7626 for undersampling, my signal is core frequency of 20MHz, Bandwidth is 5MHz ,so I

    have to use undersampling .

      Can ad7626 for undersampling? yes or no?



  • RE: AD7626工作模式与FPGA接口



  • AD7626  GND of VIO


    In the data sheet of AD7626 it is reccomeded to separate VDD2 and VIO.

    please let me know that it is better to separate13pin (returnGND of VIO) from another GND or not better.  

    In the circuit of Eva board of AD7626 ,all GND are not separated

  • AD7626 analog signal was influenced by the LVDS interface


    I recently designed a four layers PCB board which used AD7626. I used ADA4932 to drive the AD7626, then used FPGA to receive the ad data. I separated the analog ground and digital ground and connected them under AD7626. However, i found the differential…

  • AD7626时序参数疑问



    2.参数tDCO最小值为0,最大值为 7ns,同样指的是每个AD7626器件会有所不同,还是说同一个AD7626每次启动会变化?


  • AD7626 Full Scale Range


    The AD7626 operates with 4.096V differential input by default.

    I have an input signal which has a lower swing, say 2V differential. And I want to utilize the Full Scale range of AD7626. Is it possible to make AD7626 operate at a lower FS range perhaps…

  • RE: SDP-H1 external clock


    I'm designing a wireless transceiver.

    I want to sync the ADC (AD7626) with other devices, such as the mixer, local oscillator.

    In a communication system, the accuracy of the clock is important.

    The clock for AD7626 comes from SDP. That…

  • Queries on Vref & CLK for AD7626


    I am planning to use AD7626 in echoed-clock interface mode for my design. I have 2 queries:

    1. What decides the choice for the reference voltage - (a) Internal 1.2V, (b) External 1.2V at REFIN, and (c) External 4.096V at REF.

    2. Referring to page…