• AD7626 Acquisition Time

    What is the AD7626 Acquisition Time?



    Conversion time is 100ns max, typ 85ns
    Acquisition time is ~40ns
  • About EVAL-AD7626


    I would like to use EVAL-AD7626.

    So, I have a question.

    When using boards EVAL-AD7626 and EVAL-SDP-CH1Z, is it appropriate to recognize that you can control ADC with FPGA and can take data?

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  • Driving an AD7626

    I'm trying to reconcile the AD7626 datasheet with the Analog Dialogue "Front-End Amplifier and RC Filter Design for a Precision SAR Analog-to-Digital Converter".

    The article suggests "that external capacitor be relatively large - a few…

  • AD7626 Interface Question

    I am designing an interface to the AD7626 from an FPGA using the echoed-clock mode and running at the maximum sample rate of 10 MSPS.  Please refer to figure 2 on page 6 of the datasheet for this question.  I am confused by the timing and how I can achieve…

  • AD7626 PCB Planes

    Hi -- I'm building a board with 2 AD7626 converters.  The AD7626 eval board documentation states that the digital and analog ground planes should only be connected under the converter.  With 2 converters should I connect the planes under one or should…

  • AD7626 Application

    Can I use AD7626 for Undersampling?

  • AD7626 input range

    Hi all,

    I've an issue with driving my AD7526 ADC - I'm driving the ADC inputs differentially and so at the -FSD end of my input range IN- = 4V and +IN+ = just above 0V i.e so (IN-) - (IN+) = -4V. My ADC drivers are powered from a single +5V rail.…

  • AD7626 External Reference Options

    Is it possible to use different external reference options on the AD7626? (the datasheet states that only a 4.096V reference is possible)

  • AD7626 OSD

    We are having issues with OSD information not showing up on an ADV7626.  From the "ADV7625-26-27_Ver1.0.txt" file we are using the ":ADV7626 HDMI Rx Splitter Mode - Tx Source Term ON - TMDS Clock greater than 165MHz and less than 296MHz…

  • Enable pins of AD7626


    I want to use AD7626 in external reference mode (+4.096V). So I need to connect EN1 to 1 and EN0 to 0.

    Page 17 of the datasheet shows that pull-up of pull-down resistors are to be connected to control EN0 and EN1 during power-up. It also shows that…