• AD7625 datasheet questions

    , I have the following question(s) about AD7625 Datasheet.


    • On page 5, timing specifications, tmsb is stated as 145 nm(max)
    • If you look at page 19 timing diagram from echoed-clock interface mode, tmsb has to elapse before I can burst CLK+ and…
  • Some questions about AD7625 interfacing

    Hello, sir.

    We are planning to use AD7625 on the next project.

    In your datasheet Rev.A|Page 5 of 24, CLK period is up to 3.33ns, but CLK-to-D delay is max 7 ns, typically 4ns.

    data delay is larger than clock periold, I think something is wrong. (data…

  • AD7625 data sheet (Quick question: AD7961 in the self-clocked mode )


    This is my first post. I have a few quick questions about the AD7961 in the self-clocked mode: 

    1)  If you are using AD7961 in the self-clocked mode can you adjust the clock…

  • RE: AD7265 Fully differential Configuration help

    Hi, Goutham.

    Apologies for talking about the AD7625. The AD7265 has flexible reference options. You may opt to use the internal reference and select the 0 to 2xVref range.



  • Best ADC for High voltage inputs?

    I’m trying to decide which ADC to use for a high voltage front end.  Here are the requirements for the ADC:

    Fixed input range +/- 50V

    16 bit resolution

    10 Meg input impedance

    1 MHz Bandwidth

    2 or 3 MSPS or greater

    Serial or SPI output

    I’ve been…

  • RE: AD7626 External Reference Options

    Hi all,

    the datasheet for the AD7626/Ad7625 show the buexternal ref bufffering of the external 4V096 ref before being applied to the REF pins - I dont see in the datasheet the current requirements on the external Ref.

    What would the effect on performance…

  • RE: A/D Chip selection help

    Hi EricCho,

       Here some ADCs that you may want to consider in your design. I have chosen these ADCs because of their high sampling rate that is suitable to your input  frequency and voltage range. the links refer directly to the datasheet of the product…

  • EVAL-AD7625FMCZ: External trigger and storage

    I'm using the EVAL-AD7625FMCZ- System and have the following questions:
    -Is  it  possible to store more than 1048576 measurements, because the  memory
    is  32MB on the board ? Quadrature modulation carrier frequency =300kHz, signal
  • ADV7626 : Test pin


    I will develop the products of two equipped with HDMI.

    I will use the ADV7625 and ADV7626 for these products respectively.

    I want to develop these two products as a common board design.

    I have some questions in relation to this.

    Is it possible…

  • 教程ADC架构II:逐次逼近型ADC

    教程ADC架构II:逐次逼近型ADC by adiadmin

    数年以来,逐次逼近型ADC一直是数据采集系统的主要依靠。近期设计改良使这类ADC的采样频率扩展至兆赫领域且分辨率为18位。ADI公司的PulSARRegistered系列SAR ADC采用内部开关电容技术和自动校准,以CMOS工艺实现18位、2 MSPS性能(AD7641),而无需进行昂贵的薄膜激光调整。在16位级别,AD7625(6 MSPS)AD7626(10 MSPS)还代表着突破性的技术。