• questions on ad 7622

    connections for ad7622 to have 2.048V on ref pin?

  • AD7622差分输入


  • AD7622信号输出





  • AD7622 sampling at 800kSPS and 1MSPS


    My customer has the following question:



    Do you know what the performance issues would be if this device is sampled at 800kSPS and 1MSPS?

    Is Figure 13 the whole story on performance?



  • AD7622伪差分输入下的分辨率和量程


  • AD7622 数据采集问题,spi stm32

    请问哪位知道我在用STM32的spi 的主模式采集AD7622数据时 采集上的数据为什么一直是16位全1 ,用示波器看sclk有时钟输入, BUSY,CNVST,SYNC均没有任何波形显示,引起这个问题的原因的查找方向应该是什么样的呢,还有弱弱的问句:就是CNVST是有软件来控制它是否开始转换吗?


  • BF512, PPI, DMA0 and AD7622 adc

    I am trying to use System Services to operate an AD7622 A/D converter.  The ADC is connected to the PPI and I have programmed the DMA.  I have connected the AD7622's BUSY signal to the BlackFin's DMAR0 (PG2) pin.  I can not find an adi_dma_Control…

  • RE: ADC evaluation board choose

    Hi Yake,

    I have attached a list of some of the ADCs that fit your criteria of 2MSPS sampling rate or higher at resolution of 12bits or more.

    You may also wanted to check the ADI website and do a parametric search (http://www.analog.com/ps/psthandler…

  • AD7622 ADC precision when used unipolar input


    we use AD7622 ADC for our project. This chip has a difereintial input but we need unipolar. In the datasheet I found a circuit for conversion of unipolar signal to diferential, which is required for the ADC:

    We see that here a precision of the…

  • Best ADC for High voltage inputs?

    I’m trying to decide which ADC to use for a high voltage front end.  Here are the requirements for the ADC:

    Fixed input range +/- 50V

    16 bit resolution

    10 Meg input impedance

    1 MHz Bandwidth

    2 or 3 MSPS or greater

    Serial or SPI output

    I’ve been…