• getting started with ADC evaluation board EVAL-AD7621


    I have purchased an ADC evaluation board, Eval Ad7621. I need technical support on how to get started in standalone mode.


  • 使用AD7621采集一个连续信号时出现如下图现象,一般是什么原因造成的呢?



  • Determine parameter "Complete Cycle" AD7621 individual devices

    The AD7621 datasheet specification table shows in the column THROUGHPUT SPEED the parameter "Complete Cycle" = time between conversions = t2. For Wideband warp mode this parameter is specified at max. 333ns.

    The time between conversion start…

  • LabView source for EVAL-CED1Z + EVAL-AD7621 kit


    We'd like to extend the functionality of the evaluation software (the LabView application called Eval PulSAR-CDF.vi) which is bundled with the evaluation boards to allow us to automate our testing environment.

    We need to communicate with…

  • ad7674: Read data when the board is used as a stand-alone board

    Problems with the Eval-AD7674 evaluation board.
    It is not possible to read data when the board is used as a stand-alone board.
    DBUSY (P2.33) and D11 (pin 22 of AD7674) have strange behaviour when the AD7674
    is working in mode 0> I can send you…

  • Common mode voltage


    The AD7621 datasheet indicate that the differential input range is +/-2,048Vp with Vref = 2,048V (4,096 Vpp input span).

    We suppose that the common mode voltage for Vin+ and Vin- is VREFBUFIN (1,2V with Vref = 2,048V). Is it right?

    Also, do you…

  • Convert/wrap char driver to utilize IIO and LibIIO


    I currently have a design that utilizes an array of many AD7621's that implement a phased array sensor.  The design uses FPGAs to aggregate all the samples from the ADCs to a central FPGA that is connected to a PC via PCIe.  There is some signal…

  • Noise in SAR converters

    In my application, I measure the decay of a weak (repetitive) magnetic field. To lower the noise, I measure the signal many times, and after digitizing, I stack the data. My current construction is based on an AD7621, but I want to increase revolution…