• AD7616读取问题


    2目前SPI读取AD7616智能使用A0  B0两个通道,设置步骤是什么,以上两个问题,谢谢!

  • ADV7611BSWZ-P and ADV7611BSWZ-P-RL


    In the datasheet of ADV7611 (Page-14) , ADV7611BSWZ-P part is mentioned as a non-HDCP version. However, ADV7611BSWZ-P-RL part is not mentioned as a non-HDCP version. Can you please confirm if ADV7611BSWZ-P-RL is also a non-HDCP version and we do…

  • ADV7511 - with or without "P" in p/n?

    What is the difference between ADV7511 and ADV7511P?


  • RE: Consulting a data aquisition system solution

    Hi Jerrytang,

         That application has many channels. I have no idea on your application, but based from your description I would suggest the AD7616. You can use for of this. The AD7616 is 16 Channel, 16-bit ADC with throughput rate of 1MSPS. Hope this helps…

  • AD7616 iio linux drivers


    I want to use the AD7616 in parallel configuration on my custom zynq-7000 board. On the hdl side all hdl code is provided by ADI, what's about the IIO drivers in order to use it ? I want to use it together with iio scope under linux is this possible…

  • AD7616共地问题

    请问一下用ADC AD7616检测模拟量1-5V

  • RE: AD7616 unused Analog input pins


    Looking at EVAL-AD7616 documentation in following link, I take it that

    VxA/BGND: terminate to GND

    VxA/B:terminate to GND through 270ohm


  • Required Linux/Embedded Linux Driver for AD7616 & AD5766/AD5767 ?


    We are developing product with AD7616 & AD5766/AD5767. Our platform is embedded Linux.

    Can you provide me the Linux driver ? So that we can use analog input and out in Linux environments.



  • AD7616硬件并口软件配置问题

    最近在调试AD7616硬件模式,并口传输。采取方案是STM32+FSMC控制并读取AD7616数据。 现在模式配置上出现疑问,需要大佬给个正确配置思路。现在现象是FSMC配置确保无问题,但是AD7616 DB0-DB15全部为“1”,AD上面数据没有更新。初步认为AD的配置存在问题。。

  • RE: AD7616 : SE or differential input

    Hi, Jonathan

    Thank you for your reply.

    Application : Multi CH analog input (0-5V) board for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

    Existing model : 0-5V IN -->OPA2378--> AD7689. power supply=5V, REF=5V.

    It's very simple circuit. because OPA2378…