• RE: Required Linux/Embedded Linux Driver for AD7616 & AD5766/AD5767 ?


    Apologies for missing this item. I am not sure if it still relevant to you that this question will be answered, However, we are clearing up some open items in our community as others may still find this useful. 

    We only have this reference code for AD7616…

  • ADG3308 and indeterminate i/p o/p state's interface  query

    not sure what happens if both the input and output are in indeterminate
    states. can you advise


    We advise and use the En pin as the control to disable the ADG during
    FPGA interafce startup. or use a pull-up on either side of the ADG…
  • LTC3636 Demo Board P/N:DC2335A

    Dear Sir:

    Our DC2335A demo board user guild show FCM  mode tester report ,ADI have any PFM mode test report provide to me refer. thanks



  • Looking chip, sine-In to square-Out, out always 5V p-p


    Input signal - sine. Peak to peak value from 0.1V to 2V. The output signal is a square wave, the peak to peak value is always 5V, which does not depend on frequency and input level.

    I mean, for example:

    1. Signal in, sine, 0.1V p-p 120 MHz…

  • RE: AD7616 - software mode, serial interface - no register write update


    Apologies for missing this item. I know this is a long-overdue, however we are clearing some open items that may be also relevant/useful for others. In order to troubleshoot similar issues, some recommended checks could be:
    -verify that the SPI…
  • Help Reqd-Using EVAl board AD5932 for 1v p-p and 10ma current,

    dear sir,

    I need a help in completing my Project of Magnetic Impediance analyzer. I am an enty level electronics person ,so need help to complete it.

    The Analyser consist of a bridge of two coils in one arm and balancing potentiometer in other Arm.…

  • AD7616


    Do i need an Isolation ADUM to separate AD7616 serial interface from the MCU ?

    Also, do i need to isolate the power for the AD7616 ?

  • ad7616

    Does AD7616 requires an external reference clock?

  • Subject: AD9523-1 Register values   I/P Freq: External 25MHz clock is given as I/P to the OSC_IN pin of AD9523-1(Pin no.9), O/P Freq: OUT1(Pin No: 65

    I/P Freq: External 25MHz clock is given as I/P to the OSC_IN pin of AD9523-1(Pin no.9)

    O/P Freq: OUT1(Pin No: 65 & 64):160MHZ

                    OUT2(Pin no: 62 & 61): 160MHZ

                    OUT3(Pin no: 59 & 58): 160MHz

                    OUT4(Pin no: 53 & 52): 160MHz

                    OUT5(Pin no…