• ADV7611BSWZ-P and ADV7611BSWZ-P-RL


    In the datasheet of ADV7611 (Page-14) , ADV7611BSWZ-P part is mentioned as a non-HDCP version. However, ADV7611BSWZ-P-RL part is not mentioned as a non-HDCP version. Can you please confirm if ADV7611BSWZ-P-RL is also a non-HDCP version and we do…

  • AD7616 iio linux drivers


    I want to use the AD7616 in parallel configuration on my custom zynq-7000 board. On the hdl side all hdl code is provided by ADI, what's about the IIO drivers in order to use it ? I want to use it together with iio scope under linux is this possible…

  • RE: AD7616 unused Analog input pins


    Looking at EVAL-AD7616 documentation in following link, I take it that

    VxA/BGND: terminate to GND

    VxA/B:terminate to GND through 270ohm


  • AD7616共地问题

    请问一下用ADC AD7616检测模拟量1-5V

  • AD7616 acquisition voltage deviation problem

    Input is ac voltage, input range is ±10V,

    There is deviation in the collection value when using,

    When the expected value is 7.5v, the collection value is 7.464v and the fluctuation range is 1mV.

    When the expected value is 3.75v, the collection…

  • AD7616硬件并口软件配置问题

    最近在调试AD7616硬件模式,并口传输。采取方案是STM32+FSMC控制并读取AD7616数据。 现在模式配置上出现疑问,需要大佬给个正确配置思路。现在现象是FSMC配置确保无问题,但是AD7616 DB0-DB15全部为“1”,AD上面数据没有更新。初步认为AD的配置存在问题。。

  • RE: AD7616 : SE or differential input

    Hi, Jonathan

    Thank you for your reply.

    Application : Multi CH analog input (0-5V) board for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

    Existing model : 0-5V IN -->OPA2378--> AD7689. power supply=5V, REF=5V.

    It's very simple circuit. because OPA2378…

  • AD7616 Interface Options


    I'm looking to incorporate 2 AD7616 ADCs into my design, as I need 32 16-bit ADC channels at a minimum of 1Msps. I've read through the datasheet of the AD7616 a couple of times now, and it seems like the perfect fit, as it also incorporates input…

  • Broken EVAL-AD7616?


    I'm using the evaluation board EVAL-AD7616 together with an EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and the ACE software. 

    When I have no input signal the ADC shows 2V:

    And when i input a 3.3V signal it shows 3.3V which is correct (blue channel):

    This has led me to be…

  • RE: How to acquire data from AD9689 with Matlab ?

    Hi Logan12,

    From your message it sounds to me like you're trying to connect to the ADS7-V2 using the VISA commands.  The VISA command is used in the script to connect to instruments like a signal generator.  You should not use this command to connect…