• RE: AD9234 and AD7616 hdl design

    Hi Nils,

    The AD7606 and AD7616 have similar digital interface. With minor tweaks you should be able to use the AD7616 hdl and driver with the AD7606.


  • RE: Consulting a data aquisition system solution

    Hi Jerrytang,

         That application has many channels. I have no idea on your application, but based from your description I would suggest the AD7616. You can use for of this. The AD7616 is 16 Channel, 16-bit ADC with throughput rate of 1MSPS. Hope this helps…

  • RE: AD7616 Interface Self Test & CRC


    Yes it is possible to use both functions in burst mode.

    Figure 68 of the AD7616 datasheet shows how the CRC result is appended in Burst mode.

    Table 27 of the AD7616 datasheet shows how to program a layer of the sequencer stack to select the interface…

  • AD7616 EVB Schematic


    Is there anybody can provide AD7616 EVB schematic?

  • AD7616 Diagnostics

    The calculated Vcc and LDO code results from the transfer functions are diifference from Figure66 and Figure67.
    ex. Vref=2.5V ,Vcc=5V : Vcc code= ((4xVcc)-Vref)x32768/(5xVref)=((4x5)-2.5)x32768/(5x2.5)=45875.2
    Figure66 Vcc=5V : Expected output is around…

  • RE: adcs


       I can recommend to you the two ADCs. The AD7616 and AD7768. They have different architecture, the AD7616 is a SAR and AD7768 is a Sigma Delta. The AD7616 is a 16bit , 16 channel dual simultaneous sampling ADC and has a throughput rate of 1MSPS. The…

  • AD7616 Interface Options


    I'm looking to incorporate 2 AD7616 ADCs into my design, as I need 32 16-bit ADC channels at a minimum of 1Msps. I've read through the datasheet of the AD7616 a couple of times now, and it seems like the perfect fit, as it also incorporates input…

  • Broken EVAL-AD7616?


    I'm using the evaluation board EVAL-AD7616 together with an EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and the ACE software. 

    When I have no input signal the ADC shows 2V:

    And when i input a 3.3V signal it shows 3.3V which is correct (blue channel):

    This has led me to be…