• HDMI i/p and o/p format


    We are using ADV7611 as HDMI reciever in the design. The i/p is at 1280x720p@60Hz. We want the o/p of reciever at 1280x720p@30Hz. Does ADV7611 support this and if yes what are the steps required to program the ADV7611 to achieve this.Any pointers…

  • 10mVp-p, 1nAp-p Signals Through ADG1606

    I am designing a calibration board that switches in different precision resistors to calibrate a resistance meter in an automated way. I was looking at using the ADG1606 to switch among several different resistances, and a 10mVp-p 100kHz signal will be…

  • AD7616 in software serial mode

    Hi, I'm tryin to control AD7616 from a xilinx platform

    My engineer followed the datasheet and came up with this code, 

    but no good data is coming out.

    Hope You can help..

    Kind regards

    I attach the projectAD7616_Cont_V04.xpr.zip

  • AD7616寄存器设置问题




  • drive AD9838 with low p-p clock

    Hi everybody,

    Is it possible to drive the AD9838 (supply voltage 5 V) with an oscillator (X1G0041710011 SG-210STF 5 MHZ L, supply voltage 2.5 V)?

    The output Voltage of the oscillator is about:

    V_OH 90% Vcc Min

    V_OL 10% Vcc Max

    Dose the Parameter…

  • RE: AD7616准换结果不准确

    请贴图看看,硬件原理图, FPGA读取结果图, 示波器抓数字接口时序图看看CONVST, BUSY, /CS, /RD, /WR, DBx等

  • ADV7611BSWZ-P and ADV7511KSTZ-P issue with Live feed

    Hello folks,

    We are trying to build demo application for HDMI input and output. For this we are using Picozed board with FMC daughter card. The FMC daughter card has ADV7611BSWZ-P As HDMI In and ADV7511KSTZ-P as HDMI Out.

    On HDMI In side we are giving…

  • AD9517 reference I/P and Clock I/P


    When the internal PLL of AD9517 is used, I need to use the REF pins and in clock distribution mode, I should use CLK pins. Is it possible to tie both these pins together with a capacitor (so that the common mode bias doesnt get affected)?

    If I can…

  • ADV7511 - with or without "P" in p/n?

    What is the difference between ADV7511 and ADV7511P?


  • ADV7802 settings for 1080/25/P and 1080/30/P?


    What settings for VID_STD and CP_V_FREQ should one use for 1080P25 and 1080P30 when PRIM_MODE = 0001 (COMP)?

    According to Table 14 on page 61 in the ADV7802_HW_RevB.pdf, one should use VID_STD = 01100 and CP_V_FREQ = 011 for SM274 -9 (System No…