• AD7616

    Hi, I'm just a beginner in ADC. I get through the basics theory of ADC's very well and have knowledge about it. I've to work on the AD7616, have to write code to take the output from ADC. The problem is I do not know how to get started with it. where…

  • AD7616


    I am using AD7616 and interfacing with it using TI DSP.  I am having trouble communicating with the ADC via SPI.  

    Following are the software step:

    Reset pin held low for 5us.  

    Wait 20ms after releasing the Reset pin.

    Select ADC

    Transmit 0xC400 (select…

  • AD7616 volts conversion

    I have a problem while reading the AD7616 with ACE software. When I change the input range the volts on the analysis graph remain setted on +-10V, while the bit conversion change correctly. How I can solve this problem?

  • AD7616 Interface Options


    I'm looking to incorporate 2 AD7616 ADCs into my design, as I need 32 16-bit ADC channels at a minimum of 1Msps. I've read through the datasheet of the AD7616 a couple of times now, and it seems like the perfect fit, as it also incorporates input…

  • ad7616 breakout board

    Hi i recently produced an ad7616 breakout board,

    i would like to kindly ask your experts to review it in private,

    I've already sent files to Mr Dave Thib for reviewing.

    Best regards

  • Broken EVAL-AD7616?


    I'm using the evaluation board EVAL-AD7616 together with an EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and the ACE software. 

    When I have no input signal the ADC shows 2V:

    And when i input a 3.3V signal it shows 3.3V which is correct (blue channel):

    This has led me to be…

  • AD7616 EVB Schematic


    Is there anybody can provide AD7616 EVB schematic?

  • AD7616 channel synchronization???


    i'm trying to use ad7616 for new design which is having more than 80 channels on 2FMC's and i need to design for synchronized data... can anyone tell me how to use this IC for synchronization purpose without any clk or sync pin's.


  • AD7616 internal oscillator


    My customers are suffering from 124MHz and 63MHz unwanted radiation appearing on the board.
    My customers are exhaustively checking the device's internal oscillator on the board.
    If you have any material that reassures my customers about the AD7616…
  • AD7616-P FAQs


    The analog input diagnostic channels are showing an unexpected result for AD7616-P, what should I do?


    The diagnostic channels are used to check the health of the ADC and as a “sanity” check to compare other results against. If the result…