• can anyone explain the CRC calculation(Pseudo Code) done in AD7616 Datasheet

    The Page no 40 in the attached datasheet contains pseudo code for the CRC calculation . Can anyone explain it bit elaborately

  • AD7616-P FAQ - What are the differences between the AD7616 and AD7616-P?

    The AD7616 and AD7616-P have similar functionality, with a few key differences.

    • The AD7616 has both serial and parallel digital interfaces
    • The AD7616-P has a parallel only digital interface
    • The AD7616-P has relaxed timing requirements on read…
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    HI !

          我想使用AD7616-p 通过SPI来控制AD的采集,想使用芯片的2串行来实现。但是不清楚怎样连接SPI,是连接一路SPI还是两路。若是两路的话,时钟和片选怎样连接设置。

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    Do i need an Isolation ADUM to separate AD7616 serial interface from the MCU ?

    Also, do i need to isolate the power for the AD7616 ?

  • ad7616

    Does AD7616 requires an external reference clock?

  • RE: 请教一下AD7616软件并行模式读写时序问题

    你用的芯片是AD7616还是AD7616-P, AD7616-P的并口时序兼容控制器的时序会更好。

  • AD7616-P FAQ - When using the software sequencer, the first conversion result is not the expected value?

    After configuring the sequencer in software mode, a “dummy” conversion is first required in order to latch the configuration into the ADC. After one dummy conversion has been performed, the ADC is fully configured for use with the sequencer and no further…

  • RE: I am working with AD7616 and interfacing with MC9s12xdp512 controller using spi. I am using the software serial mode. I am unable to write and read the registers properly. Please provide the code for accesing AD7616 using spi.

    Hi Vara,


       There is AD7616 wiki page that has information on software driver that can use as your reference. Figure 59 and 60 details the timing diagram when writing to and reading from AD7616. It is recommended to perform reset after AD7616 power up.…

  • RE: AD9234 and AD7616 hdl design

    Hi Nils,

    The AD7606 and AD7616 have similar digital interface. With minor tweaks you should be able to use the AD7616 hdl and driver with the AD7606.


  • Multi-channel ADC for auto telemetry

    Hello, I'm looking for a multi-channel (>=16) ADC with 0..16V inputs. The project is telemetry system for an old car with analog sensors. It seems that AD7616 (EVAL-AD7616) might fit but there is a little misunderstanding about it.

    Manual says…