• AD7616-P: What are the differences between the AD7616 and AD7616-P?


    What are the differences between the AD7616 and AD7616-P?


    The AD7616 and AD7616-P have similar functionality, with a few key differences.

    • The AD7616 has both serial and parallel digital interfaces
    • The AD7616-P has a parallel only…
  • RE: AD7616 conversion reading

    Hi Lluis,

    Thanks for your support. I already solve the problem. The above scops were the values that are after the full reset. The problem was I wasn't know how to switch from register mode to ADC mode as I didn't find any information about it neither…

  • AD7616 Anti-aliasing filter

    In AD7616 datasheet, the anti-aliasing filter is described with cut-off frequency at 39kHz.

    I choose this AD beacuse I would like to read near 100kHz~400kHz

    • Is possible to turn off this low-pass filter?

    Theorically with the 1MSps, the bandwidth could…

  • ad7616 axi_ad7616_0_adc_valid signal remain 0


    I'm using the ad7616 evaluation board. I'm facing a problem while reading the data from DDR memory. I'm applying DC 5v and DC 3.3v on channels A0, B0 respectively. I scooped the DOUT pins and read out the correct data but when I try to read…

  • RE: AD7616 IP

    Hello ,

    There is an no-OS project example here that supports both parallel and serial interface for this device:


    The interface used is determined from…

  • ad7616 Conversion result in burst mode


    I wan to know how the burst mode actually works? Data sheet of ad76116 shows single cnvst pulse convert all the channels data but it's like without enabling burst bit ADC is converting the data of all enabled sequencers. While in burst mode only…

  • RE: ad7616 unipolar mode

    Hi Shahul,

    No, it only has bipolar ranges. You could still use the device but at the expense of loosing half of the dynamic range (one bit) if that's ok with you. Otherwise you may need to level shift your analog input.



  • AD7616


    Do i need an Isolation ADUM to separate AD7616 serial interface from the MCU ?

    Also, do i need to isolate the power for the AD7616 ?

  • Issues in building ad7616 hdl project for xilinx


    Xilinx Vivado Version: 2019.1

    Version of hdl used--------analogdevices/hdl/hdl-hdl_2019_r1

    I am trying to build the hdl project for AD7616 for the zedboard zc702 platform.

    I am using cygwin to build this project in windows.

    The process…