• AD7616-P: What are the differences between the AD7616 and AD7616-P?


    What are the differences between the AD7616 and AD7616-P?


    The AD7616 and AD7616-P have similar functionality, with a few key differences.

    • The AD7616 has both serial and parallel digital interfaces
    • The AD7616-P has a parallel only…
  • AD7616 Failed Serial Communication

    I am working on a project involving reading sensor data using an AD7616 in Software Serial mode. There are 3 problems that I have encountered: There is never any value returned in response to a read register command, the ADC appears to not change register…

  • AD7616 ADC parallel mode working procedure


    We are writing HDL code for AD7616 IC in parallel mode.

    Sequence and burst mode enabled 

    using software mode.

    Steps followed 

    step 1: Full reset (low / high) 

    step 2: initialize cs, rd, wr pins to 1 and convst pin to 0

    step 3: cs low

    step 4: wr low 

  • ad7616 output data

    I'm using evaluation board ad7616 and the no-OS 2019-r2 branch to capture the data. Initially, I'm using one analog input channel A0 and applying bipolar +/-5V sine wave input. But When I captured the data and try to plot that, that's always a half-wave…

  • reading data from ad7616

    1)I am trying to read AD7616 in parallel mode. I have built the HDL and c drivers(No-OS branch) from the source code provided by Analog devices and currently using the device in default mode where channel V0A and V0B should be read.
    I have modified the…

  • The AD7616 sequencer stack behaves strangely.


    Aaah! I'm using the AD7616SDZ evaluation board. I'm applying different mix AC and DC inputs to channels A and channel B, I enabled the sequencer stack (not burst mode) through the configuration channel and read back the register value to make…

  • How to calculate the sampling rate of AD7616?


    can you please explain the relationship between the conversion rate and sampling frequency of AD7616?

    no_os_axi_io_write(dev->core_baseaddr, AD7616_REG_UP_CONV_RATE, 100);

    How to calculate the sampling rate with this "AD7616_REG_UP_CONV_RATE…

  • AD7616 IP


    I want to know if AD7616 IP is only suitable for Hardware(Serial or Parallel) Mode? Is it suitable for Software(Serial or Parallel) Mode?

    Thanks for replies in advance.

  • AD7616 Evaluation board

    Dear AD,

    I would like to interface the digital output of the AD7616 evaluation board to an Altera SoC development board with HSMC interface.  Can this be done? Is there an analog to digital evaluation board with at least 10 analog input channels and HSMC…