• AD7616-P: What are the differences between the AD7616 and AD7616-P?


    What are the differences between the AD7616 and AD7616-P?


    The AD7616 and AD7616-P have similar functionality, with a few key differences.

    • The AD7616 has both serial and parallel digital interfaces
    • The AD7616-P has a parallel only…
  • RE: AD7616 SE or DIFF


    AD7616 is a single-ended input with a selectable channel input range of  ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V.



  • AXI_SPI interfacing example for AD7616

    Hi there, I'm working on the AD7616, I need to establish a serial communication path between AD7616 and AD7616 IP for that I'm trying to use the SPI Engine libraries provided by the Analog Devices. But I don't know how to use them as I didn't find any…

  • AD7616 volts conversion

    I have a problem while reading the AD7616 with ACE software. When I change the input range the volts on the analysis graph remain setted on +-10V, while the bit conversion change correctly. How I can solve this problem?

  • AD7616


    Do i need an Isolation ADUM to separate AD7616 serial interface from the MCU ?

    Also, do i need to isolate the power for the AD7616 ?

  • ad7616

    Does AD7616 requires an external reference clock?

  • AD7616

    Hi, I'm just a beginner in ADC. I get through the basics theory of ADC's very well and have knowledge about it. I've to work on the AD7616, have to write code to take the output from ADC. The problem is I do not know how to get started with it. where…

  • AD7616

    HI !

          我想使用AD7616-p 通过SPI来控制AD的采集,想使用芯片的2串行来实现。但是不清楚怎样连接SPI,是连接一路SPI还是两路。若是两路的话,时钟和片选怎样连接设置。

  • AD7616


    I am using AD7616 and interfacing with it using TI DSP.  I am having trouble communicating with the ADC via SPI.  

    Following are the software step:

    Reset pin held low for 5us.  

    Wait 20ms after releasing the Reset pin.

    Select ADC

    Transmit 0xC400 (select…

  • ad7616 breakout board

    Hi i recently produced an ad7616 breakout board,

    i would like to kindly ask your experts to review it in private,

    I've already sent files to Mr Dave Thib for reviewing.

    Best regards