• Problem with AD7612 and EVAL-AD7612


    We have purchased AD7612 evaluation board(EVAL-AD7612) for evaluating our design.

    Once the evaluation is completed, we will be purchasing more than 7000 pieces of AD7612 device from Analog Devices.

    We have lot of problems with the waveforms and…

  • AD7612 Providing No Output


    I have recently purchased the AD7612 for evaluation. I intend to deploy the ADC into a system I am designing but am having trouble getting a response from the device. I currently have the AD7612 soldered on a custom PCB with the arrangement depicted…

  • Regarding Analog Input to AD7612


    We are using AD7612 16-bit ADC. We are giving Analog Inputs from Signal generator of 1Khz signal with 3V Peak to Peak Amplitude. We are unable to get enough samples. We are using Slave Serial Interface read  after convert mode. Serial Clock(SDCLK…

  • Problem with AD7612 on our custom board


    We have done our own customized board (PCB) having AD7612 ADCs, having FPGA and other digital components.

    We had the idea of making the AD7612 to work in MASTER (SERIAL) mode.

    Please find the schematic pdf attached.

    We have done the interconnections…

  • HDMI output from laptops not seen using repeater application AD7612-AD7511


    We use the Analog devices repeater application for most of our HDMI event processing. Is it supposed to support all resolutions? We connect a Macbook HDMI output to our IO card (which is running the application on the microblaze) and see VIC as 0…

  • RE: AD7634操作代码

    暂时没有AD7634的示例代码, 但是有 AD7612的示例代码, 二者的结构和电路是基本相同的



  • RE: EVAL-ADV7612-7511P11P   I2C


    1.How  holding the Blackfin in reset? I have tried pushing SW1 to reset Blackfin,do so,but read/write ad7612/7511 still fail.

    2.Will board's firmware auto config or initial the AD7612/7511 when power on? if not, what will the firmware do…

  • 28.8636363MHz crystal for ADV7612


    AD7612(many ADI video products) datasheet is specifying 28.63636MHz +-50ppm as recommendation,

    but what about 28.636363MHz +-50mm crystal, 0.1ppm shifted from center frequency(28.63636MHz).

    Is this acceptable? Please let me know if any critical factor.

  • RE: Controlling ADV7612 from Linux Host using I2C

    Hi lars,

    In this case, is there any use of the AD7612 receiver library source code API that I've mentioned in the question. Is that API only for the micro-controllers without any OS or can it be used in Linux also ?



  • RE: hdmi receiver adv7611

    thank u,

    1. ADV7611

    2. ADV7612

    out of two above which one is good.... i have a space constraint in my board, AD7611 has got less footprint than AD7612. Can i carry on my design with AD7611....... Can anyone send me the ref schematic of ADV7611....…