• EVAL-AD7609 Evaluation Board

    I am looking for technical information on the AD7609 Evaluation Board.

    How can I get a schematic or functional description with interface/pinout descriptions? 

    I am trying to find out if I can use it to patch into an existing design which uses a different…

  • AD7609 interfacing through SPI

    Sir, I'm interfacing  AD7609 with TMS320F28335 through SPI (Serial Peripheral interface) , can I make the CS signal permanently low??

     Kindly reply asap

  • AD7609 Input noise


    I would like to develop a tool for voltage acquisition using the AD7609. So I bought your EVM board (AD7609EDZ). And reads the…
  • AD7609 Inductance Influence Simulation


    Since i want to measure the voltage of devices in a climate cabinet, my ADC will be attached to them via cables. They will be about 2 to 4 meters long. Sadly there was no simulation data for LTSpice for the AD7609 where i could simulate the effect…

  • Strange output from AD7609

    I have a customer who is building a line monitor around the AD7609,

    The ADC is connected to the Micro-controller via the 16 bit parallel interface

    The solder joints are excellent and all the connections to the ADC have been tested but still this…

  • Strange conversion results from AD7609


    I'm working on a PCB using a AD7609. The read out of the ADC is done via a AT90CAN128 8-bit AVR using the parallel interface of the AD7609.

    For a first test all inputs where connected to AGND. I've collected 969 samples with 1 sample/s and…

  • AD7609 - Powering from ADuM5400

    Customer has questions regarding powering the AD7609 via the ADuM5400.

    The ADC (7609) requires a 5V analog PLUS a 5V or 3.3V Digital power signal. The ADuM5400 series only supplies a single output (as configured),but can certainly source enough power…

  • AD7609 input impedance specification


    can you please provide me more information like tolerance, drift and temperature coefficient of the AD7609 analog input pins input impedance?
    I found nothing in the data sheet expect "1M Ohm typical".

    The background is that I have to use…

  • AD7609 reference load current

    I can't find this specified in the datasheet - what is the reasonable maximum load on the REF pin when used as output (driving other AD7609s, and possibly some other circuits)?

    I can add an external reference if necessary (too much load), but the…

  • AD7609 Total Unadjusted Error (TUE)


    the datasheet says:

    ±10 V range   ±10 LSB

    ±5 V range     ±90 LSB

    for the TUE spec. The 10 LSB for the ±10 V range just look... wrong.

    Should it be something like 100 LSB? Or 190 LSB?