• AD7609

    If i not plan to use the BUSY and FRSTDATA signal lines, how should I leave them? Floating, grounded?

    And i am not planning to use them, due to the fact that i am using the adc very "slowly" so i am not reliant to them.

  • RE: AD7069 with NI myRIO by SPI

    Hi Vincent,

       I think myRIO has an SPI lines which can communicate with the AD7609, it just need to configure the AD7609 in serial mode by having the PAR/SER SEL =1.  Aside from the usual SPI lines ( CS, SCLK MISO, MOSI), the AD7609 need digital line like…

  • RE: How different between AD7606 and 7609 ?

    Hi Ohm,

    Thank you for your question.

    The AD7609 is a 18-bit differential ADC while the AD7606 is a 16bit ADC. What data do you get on AD7609? Were the digital pins like CS, BUSY, Dout, CONVST and SCLK working fine? Are you using serial or parallel interface…

  • RE: adc selection guide

    Thanks for answering regarding AD7609....

    Can i program AD7609 to sample data @ 10khz for all channels.


  • RE: Schematic of EVAL-AD7609EDZ

    Hello Karen,

    thanks a lot for artwork and schematics for the AD7609 evaluation board in vector graphic. It will help us enormous for our next development steps.

    Maybe you can arrange for all the coming  AD7609 evaluation board users to make this 2 pdf…

  • RE: EVAL-AD7609 Evaluation Board


    The technical note for the EVAL-AD7609 which describes the operation and set up of the evaluation board is included in the software which you may download here: http://www.analog.com/en/analog-to-digital-converters/ad-converters/ad7609/products/EVAL…

  • ad7609

    Can the ad7609 be used with single-ended inputs (even though it is spec'd as "differential inputs")?

    If not, why?

    If so, what are the ramifications?

  • AD7609


    I'm using AD7609BSTZ with an anti-aliasing filter at the input, but the last digit in the count is varying by +/- 5 counts from the actual Count . Is there  any solution to have a stagnant value as we require high precision?

    For example the…

  • Replace AD7606-4 with AD7609 directly

    It seems AD7609 is pin to pin compatible with AD7606 (anyone can confirm this??). So can I solder a AD7609 directly to a PCB designed for AD7606-4?

  • RE: How should the SPI bus be configured on our microcontroller (for communicating with the AD7609) regarding SPI clock phase and polarity?

    Hi Todor,

       On the timing diagram of the processor that you mentioned(fig. 40), in Master mode.

       When operating the AD7609 reading a single channel, framed by /CS (that is the figure 6 of the AD7609 datasheet),   you can use the CPHA=0 and CPOL=1.