• How to read data from AD7609 (EVAL-AD7609)?

    I am trying to read data from the AD7609 using the Eval-AD7609 board and an FPGA.  I have made a number of modifications to the board to use it without the "CED Board Connector".

    1) SL9 and SL10 --> VDRIVE and AVCC on board connectors (5V each…

  • RE: AD7609 Partial Power-Down?


    The protection should work in normal or power-down mode. However, when device is powered-down I think it is recommended to tie both inputs to GND. The overvoltage clamp is use for transient overvoltage condition and not recommended to be active for…

  • ad7609

    Can the ad7609 be used with single-ended inputs (even though it is spec'd as "differential inputs")?

    If not, why?

    If so, what are the ramifications?

  • AD7609

    If i not plan to use the BUSY and FRSTDATA signal lines, how should I leave them? Floating, grounded?

    And i am not planning to use them, due to the fact that i am using the adc very "slowly" so i am not reliant to them.

  • Eval-AD7609

    I am using the Eval-AD7609 without the CED Board but I am not able to get a busy signal or any data output. I have provided the control signals and the power supplies through a microcontroller, the connections are shown below.

    I am operating it in Parallel…

  • AD7609 SNR

    Page 22 of the data sheet (top right) says with Vdrive>3.3V, SNR is reduce by ~1.5dB when reading during conversion.  Is this delta about the same for Vdrive=2.5V?  Also, is SNR generally improved for lower Vdriver?

  • AD7609 Control Pin

    Dear ADIer

    My customer is asking for pin configurations of AD7609 as below


    1. For the BUSY signal, My customer want to have a enough delay time no to use Busy Input due to the lack of MCU port. Is it available? Of course datasheet strongly want to…

  • AD7609


    I'm using AD7609BSTZ with an anti-aliasing filter at the input, but the last digit in the count is varying by +/- 5 counts from the actual Count . Is there  any solution to have a stagnant value as we require high precision?

    For example the…

  • AD7609 Output Precision

    Hai all,

               We have selected AD7609 for a high precision output conversion as it is an 18-bit ADC.

    Using Eval-AD7609EDZ, we are getting only 12-bit precision when Interfaced in serial with a TMS320F28335 using Serial Peripheral Interface(SPI). We cannot…

  • AD7609 driver for IIO

    We're planning to use an AD7609 in our designs, so we got an evaluation board and hooked it up to the SPI controller.

    Looking at the Linux IIO drivers, the AD7609 is a close match to the AD7606 family, only it's 18-bit instead of 16.

    The way…