• AD7608 REGCAP pin 36 and Pin39


    Please see the attached circuit. We have a pcb using ad7608, the product has been in production. 

    It seems working ok, but now I found that there is an error in the circuit: Pin36 and Pin39 were short together.

    The datasheet said that "These output…

  • AD7608 内置REF 电压异常






  • AD7608 + SPI problem

    The datasheet of the AD7608 mentions the AD7608 being SPI compatible.
    I found the SCLK and SS but i havent found the pins for MISO and MOSI.


    The MISO pin should connect to the DOUT A/DOUT B pin of the AD7608. The DOUT A
    pin is pin 24 and DOUT…

  • AD7608, AD7609: Schematic and PCB prints

    EVB schematic and layout files


    Please find the attached schematic, this version is provided by our product
    line engineer.

  • What type is AD7608's BUSY output signal? is it open-source or open-collect?


    I want to use mulitple AD7608 chips.

    Can I monitor one singal that each BUSY signal is tied together(wire-or connect)?

    Thanks in advance.

  • AD7608 supply

    I am using the AD7608. The datasheet only specifies a total current of 27mA @ 5V for Vanalog & Vdrive.

    Like already discussed in a former topic (https://ez.analog.com/data_converters/precision_adcs/f/q-a/25649/ad7608-supply-currents/381411#381411

  • AD7608 SCH