• AD7608 + SPI problem

    The datasheet of the AD7608 mentions the AD7608 being SPI compatible.
    I found the SCLK and SS but i havent found the pins for MISO and MOSI.


    The MISO pin should connect to the DOUT A/DOUT B pin of the AD7608. The DOUT A
    pin is pin 24…
  • RE: [AD7606, AD7607] data sheet typo?

    Sorry, again,

    It is getting complicated issue,,,

    AD7608 and AD7609 are also have "REFCAPA" and "REFCAPB".

    On there datasheet, Fig.37(AD7608) and Fig.38 are difference from AD7606 Fig 40 that you had confirm as a correct diagram…

  • RE: What is the difference between AD7608 and AD7609 inputs


    The AD7608 and AD7609 are from the same family of high resolution, bipolar input, simultaneous sampling DAS solutions, thus they share the same architecture, and have similar functional block diagram. This family of DAS solutions differ in their…

  • RE: AD7608 input range extensible by adding resistors in series?

    Hi Oskar,

       The AD7608 can accept input voltage up to +/-16.5V but there are two input ranges for the AD7608 and is determine by the RANGE pin. When RANGE pin is High, the analog input range is +/-10V, and when RANGE = 0, the analog input range is +/-5V…

  • AD7608 technical Query.


    One of our design we are using AD7608. We observed that Full power Bandwidth 23KHz .Kindly suggest us the other ADC which is having more bandwidth(>200KHz) and foot print compatible with AD7608.

    Thanks in advance.

  • RE: AD7608 转换错误


    1. 硬件设计上AD7608和AD7606完全引脚兼容。

    2. 请确认AD7608是否从ADI官方代理处购买。

  • RE: AD7608 Lockup problem... Very rare

    Hi Jeff,

       In the actual application, it will be difficult to predict when the glitch would occur and in the situation an invalid reset would happen. To ensure that ad7608 is in a known and a valid conversion happen, a valid reset should occur prior to conversion…

  • RE: Can CS terminates SPI data transfer at anytime with AD760x ?

    Hi LDBM,

         I am assuming you are using the serial interface mode ( PAR/SER SEL = 1). The /CS and SCLK use to transfer data from the AD7608. The AD7608 has two data output pins, DoutA and DoutB. Conversion results from channel V1 to channel V4 first appear…

  • AD7608 Evaluation Edition Pre-sale Technical Consultation

    Hello, I am buying a set of AD7608 Evaluation Kit recently. I have several questions to ask.

    1. AD7608 is marked single-ended input, from V1-V8, so what if my signal source is pseudo-differential, can that works?

    2. Where is the digital output? What…