• AD7608 supply

    I am using the AD7608. The datasheet only specifies a total current of 27mA @ 5V for Vanalog & Vdrive.

    Like already discussed in a former topic (https://ez.analog.com/data_converters/precision_adcs/f/q-a/25649/ad7608-supply-currents/381411#381411

  • AD7608 + SPI problem

    The datasheet of the AD7608 mentions the AD7608 being SPI compatible.
    I found the SCLK and SS but i havent found the pins for MISO and MOSI.


    The MISO pin should connect to the DOUT A/DOUT B pin of the AD7608. The DOUT A
    pin is pin 24…
  • AD7608 supply currents?

    I'm using an AD7608. The data sheet specifies 27 mA as the maximum current consumption. Does anyone know how this is split between the AVCC supply and the VDRIVE supply?

  • AD7608 Spice Model


    Can you provide the SPICE simuation model for the AD7608? 

    If it doesn't exist,  model for the AD7606 may also be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

  • AD7608 SCH


  • AD7608 technical Query.


    One of our design we are using AD7608. We observed that Full power Bandwidth 23KHz .Kindly suggest us the other ADC which is having more bandwidth(>200KHz) and foot print compatible with AD7608.

    Thanks in advance.

  • AD7608 resolution question


    I am using AD7608.
    ADC7608 resolution is 18bit. so when i used in the range of +10 ~ -10 I know that 1bit is 76.29uV.
    20V / 262,143 (18 bits) = 76.29 uV
    Is there a software technique that can express 1uV using the ADC7608? Calibration algorithm…
  • AD7608 Spi with microcontroller


    I have some questions about the ad7608 18 bit converter SPI interface :

    - From what I understood reading the datasheet, the SCLK digital input (spi master clock) frequency is ajustable by providing Vdrive, is this right ?

    - if so, I see 4 possibles…

  • AD7608 Design Difficulties

    Dear Forum,

    I am attempting to design a new system around the AD7608 8-channel 18-bit ADC. However, I am running into some confusing behavior and I was hoping that someone here might have some guidance.

    First, I think I have working communication, but…