• AD7607


    We are using AD7607 to design a data acquisition system. Unfortunately, all the output signals voltage have a -5VDC drift. (e.g. Input=0V, AD7606 output=-5V; Input=2.5V, AD7607 output=-2.5V; Input=5V, AD7607 output=0V, etc.)  Would you please help…

  • AD7607 Refout specification


    Please let me confirm the min/max value of  internal reference specification about AD7607?

    Is this correct for 2.49V minimum and   2.505V maximum?

    Best Regards,

  • AD7607 REGCAP Voltage


    Please advise about strange REGCAP Voltage of AD7607.

    It is mentioned in the datasheet page 13 that REGCAP Voltage is in the range of 2.5V to 2.7V.

    But the customer find that it is 3.55V on their board.

    Would you tell me the cause of this?


  • AD7607 No MISO output

    Hello , 

    I am currently using AD7607 to read analog signal in the range of -+10V , I am interfacing the said IC with SOM , The SPI signal coming from SOM are isolated using ADuM262N1BRIZ. Now the problem is I am able to get busy signal i am also getting…

  • ad7606 and ad7607 difference

    can i replace ad7607 with ad7606 ,without change pcb,

    to obtain data change from 14bit to 16bit ,

  • AD7607 Evaluation board schematic


    Please help to share the AD7607 Evaluation Board schematic and BOM Details.

    Please do the needful.



  • AD7607 与 AD7606的区别



       1.AD7606的分辨率是16位,7607的是 14位,也就是说只要更改转换后的要计算的分辨率问题就可以得出正确的数值吗?

      2.转换的公式是 2^13 吗?

  • AD7607 Total Unadjusted Error (TUE)

    Hi All,

    One of my customer is considering to use AD7607 ADC.

    He is now calculating maximum DC error of AD7607 for +/- 10V input range and internal reference condition.

    One question, what the definition of “Total unadjusted error (TUE)” is?

    Does it…

  • Antialiasing Filter in AD7607

    Hi All,

    The attenuation value of the antialiasing filter integrated in AD7606 seems small considering the SNR value of this chip.

    The SNR of AD7606 is about 85dB but the attenuation value is about -30dB from its data sheet page 20, Figure33.

    - Any…

  • [AD7606, AD7607] data sheet typo?


    I would like to confirm about datasheet description as below.

    About AD7606

    Internal wiring about REFCAPA and B are difference between Fig 1 and Fig 40.

    Which description is correct?

    About AD7607,

    There are two REFCAP B on Fig 36. Which…