• CRC on AD7606C

    I am having trouble getting the correct CRC code on AD7606C. I followed the example in the datasheet and made a program to calculate the CRC using the polynomial 0xBAAD. I was able to obtain the correct CRC code for the example in the datasheet: data = 0x064E…

  • RE: Difference between AD7606C-16 and LTC2358-16

    Hi Obione,

    yes, there is an absolute Vx- you need to make sure your application meets, referred to AD7606C-18 AGND potential. 

    When you are in single ended, there is also another spec for Vx- referred to ground. If you tying it to AGND, that will be best…

  • RE: AD7606C-16: The relationship between SCLK frequency and sampling rate

    So, im using the ad7606c-18 insteado of the -16, and I use a SCLK with 16.67 MHz and works correctly, but when I increase it to 25 MHz it does not work.

    Another question that I have, if you know if the FlexSPI from NXP LS1028 can be adapted to this serial…

  • AD7606C measurement when Falling Edge

    Hello all,

    My name is Ihsan, let me ask a question about AD7606C. In the datasheets, it said that we can't do measurement when the busy signal is falling. But what really happens if we do it? Is it just we can't get data or will it make the device need…

  • Regarding unipolar single ended inputs to AD7606C-16

    Hello support team,

    I have gone through the data sheet as well evaluation board guide of AD7606C-16 , As AD7606C-16 is capable to take 0-10 V single ended inputs for all 8 simultaneous channels.

    1. Please guide how to provide single ended unipolar input…

  • AD7606C Max Input External Resistor Value

    Hi, I want to measure 50V differential voltage and I should decrease the voltage to ADC's input voltage range. Is there any consideration for determining resistor values of external resistor divider? I think input impedence of the system should be high…

  • AD7606C Input Impedence Range

    There is the min 1Mohm to typical 1.2Mohm values in datasheet page 6. According to note-4 and system gain calibration settings; If I correctly understood, this 1-1.2 Mohm range is changing with gain calibration setting. So, 1.2Mohm is maximum impedence…

  • AD7606C-16 - Incomplete signals with 4 DOUT lines in Serial Mode


    I am using an evaluation board EVAL-AD7606C16FMCZ (which has a AD7606C-16 BSTZ device). 

    • It is configured in Software Mode and uses the Serial Interface as Digital Interface. 
    • A 4.5 V is applied on Channel 1, and a -3V applied on Channel 4.
    • Channels…
  • AD7606C-16 Digital Interface

    Hi Team,

    Does AD7606C-16 supports standard SPI interface for digital data interface?


    Anand B