• RE: AD7606C-18

    Hi aaganza,

    What your Vdrive level? Note that at lower digital supply levels (<2.7V), the AD7606C-18 maximum fsclk is 40MHz.

    If supply is above 2.7V, have you try isolating AD7606C-18 from the level shifter and check if you still get back that 0x4444…

  • RE: Problem reading data out of AD7606C-18

    Thank you so much for the reply and info, Miss JellenieR.

    The 0x2F register is the ID register isn't it? and the last bits refer to silicon revision

    Yes, 0x2F corresponds to the Device ID register and the last two bits refer to its…

  • AD7606C-18 serial mode operation

    Hi Team,
    Does AD7606C-18 support a standard serial interface?.
    From the datasheet, we found the nPAR/SER SEL pin must be tied on high to enter in serial mode.
    In serial mode,
    nCS pin is the chip select pin,
    nRD/SCLK pin is the clock,
    DB13/SDI is the Serial Data…

  • RE: Can two AD7606C-18 be used over SPI for 16-Channel simutaneous sampling?

    Hi Paul,

    Yes, similar configuration can be used in serial by having a dedicated /CS like per AD7606C-18 unit and shared the other SPI lines.



  • Per channel Sampling rate of AD7606C-18 and possibility of two-ADC setup for 16-channel simultaneous sampling?

    My purpose is to measure 16 different 'one-shot' (single) pulses from 16 different wires, hence the requirement of a 16-channel simultaneous ADC. I want to use two AD7606C-18 to simultaneously sample 16 channels (8 each), so my questions are:


  • AD7606C

    Q: What’s the difference between the AD7608 or AD7609 and the AD7606C-18?

    The AD7606C-18 is a directly pin replacement (software and hardware) for both AD7608 and AD7609, with higher input impedance, throughput rate and extended temperature range…

  • AD7606C-18读到的数据有个充电的现象,用诊断模式切到2.5V参考读到的数据是正常的,这是怎么回事?谢谢






  • How to measure AD7606C die temperature with the diagnostic multiplexer?

    Each of the eight channels has a diagnostic multiplexer in front. So, it can be enabled in order to monitor an internal node instead of the analog input signal (Vx+ - Vx-).

    This can be enabled, when in software mode and +/-10V selected, by accessing the…

  • RE: Difference between AD7606C-16 and LTC2358-16

    Hi Obione,

    yes, there is an absolute Vx- you need to make sure your application meets, referred to AD7606C-18 AGND potential. 

    When you are in single ended, there is also another spec for Vx- referred to ground. If you tying it to AGND, that will be best…

  • RE: AD7606C-16: The relationship between SCLK frequency and sampling rate

    So, im using the ad7606c-18 insteado of the -16, and I use a SCLK with 16.67 MHz and works correctly, but when I increase it to 25 MHz it does not work.

    Another question that I have, if you know if the FlexSPI from NXP LS1028 can be adapted to this serial…