• AD7606C-18 serial mode operation

    Hi Team,
    Does AD7606C-18 support a standard serial interface?.
    From the datasheet, we found the nPAR/SER SEL pin must be tied on high to enter in serial mode.
    In serial mode,
    nCS pin is the chip select pin,
    nRD/SCLK pin is the clock,
    DB13/SDI is the Serial Data…

  • Problem reading data out of AD7606C-18


    I am trying to interface EVAL-AD7606CFMCZ to a Raspberry Pi Pico. I am having problem reading data out of the ADC. For a start, I tried reading the register address 0x2F which should return 0x31 for my board. But it is returning 0x00 (when CPHA is…

  • RE: Can two AD7606C-18 be used over SPI for 16-Channel simutaneous sampling?

    Hi Paul,

    Yes, similar configuration can be used in serial by having a dedicated /CS like per AD7606C-18 unit and shared the other SPI lines.



  • Per channel Sampling rate of AD7606C-18 and possibility of two-ADC setup for 16-channel simultaneous sampling?

    My purpose is to measure 16 different 'one-shot' (single) pulses from 16 different wires, hence the requirement of a 16-channel simultaneous ADC. I want to use two AD7606C-18 to simultaneously sample 16 channels (8 each), so my questions are:


  • AD7606C-18读到的数据有个充电的现象,用诊断模式切到2.5V参考读到的数据是正常的,这是怎么回事?谢谢






  • AD7606C: FAQs

    Q: What’s the difference between the AD7608 or AD7609 and the AD7606C-18?

    The AD7606C-18 is a directly pin replacement (software and hardware) for both AD7608 and AD7609, with higher input impedance, throughput rate and extended temperature range…

  • RE: AD7606C-16 Digital Interface

    Hi Anand,

    AD7606C-16 offers independently SPI and parallel interfece, so no need to convert among them. You can communicate over four lines (CS, clock, SDI and SDOA) but note you won´t be able to reach max 1 MSPS throughput with only four lines.…

  • Difference between AD7606C-16 and LTC2358-16

    I want to use brand new AD7606C instead of LTC2358 because new product has many built-in features. However I should measure every differential waveform and single ended signal. 

    In AD7606C datasheet Absolute Voltage Negative Input parameter looks quite…

  • AD7606C Single Ended and Differential at the Same Time

    I want to measure a signal peak to peak 100V differential with AD7606C-16. However I have to measure single ended +50V signal with same circuit. According to eval board, one input should tie the AGND for sense single ended signal. What if I don't connect…

  • RE: AD7606C-16: The relationship between SCLK frequency and sampling rate

    Hi ttd,

    Short answer is yes, if you have two DOUT lines, with half the SCLK you can clock out the same number of channels. Or with same SCLK, achieve twice throughput rate.

    Please, dismiss what I said about 'ADCa and ADCb', I was thinking on AD7616. But…