• AD7606b vdrive voltage

    The AD7606b is compatible with the AD7606 and the datasheet indicates the maximum vdrive voltage is 5V, but it also mentions the operating range is up to 3V. We have a digital voltage of 5V, is it possible to use the AD7606b with a vdrive of 5V?

  • AD7606B - parallel interface not probing using axi_adc_core


    we are trying to used AD7606b in parallel interface mode , and using ADI ad7616_parallel_ip hdl , we are able to recieve the adc data. now as to distinguish data for each channel we have added Cpack and axi_adc_core module in hdl design and in DTS…

  • RE: ad7606b linux device driver

    Hi Sergiu,

    we are using iio-oscilloscope 0.18 version we are using.

    No.we are not losing the connection to the board.


    Shivashankar Thati

  • ad7606b IIOscope not differentiating adc data channel, display all channel data

    Hi Sergiu,sarpadi, VBuharin@ActivSurgical.com,DragosB

    we have successfully ported and  modified AD7606B ADI refrence HDL code on altera Cyclone V board. we are using Offload engine to receive adc data and using DMA_engine  buffer allocation. we are able…

  • AD7606B: FAQs

    Q: What’s the difference between the AD7606 and the AD7606B?

    The AD7606B is a directly pin replacement for AD7606, with higher input impedance, throughput rate and extended temperature range, see A.N. 1559 for further details on how to migrate from…

  • 用STM32F407VET6 FSMC+DMA控制 AD7606B采样率达不到800K?

    采用STM32F407VET6和AD7606B通信,通过FSMC+DMA双缓冲中断采样的方式,T1的PWM给CONVST引脚提供方波,按照手册上800K的时候 低电平持续10ns,占空比为99.2%。采集点数1024.此时输入信号是5K的时候 只采集到17个波形。输入信号10K的时候,采集到34个波形。根据计算,最大采样率才300K+,请问大家如何进一步提升采样率呢,FSMC配置如下。

    FSMC_NORSRAM_TimingTypeDef Timing = {0};


  • RE: AD7606B 使用SPI 读取AD数据 错误

    1. 原理图和PCB截图,指出GND和GNDA怎么连接的 ?

    2. SCLK 通道的低电平,示波器显示为什么明显低于0V ? 请查看

  • AD7606B Phase Delay


    I have a question about the phase delay of the AD7606B.

    The phase delay on page 4 of the data sheet is specified as 8us, 9us, and 11us (typ) for each SPEC.

    However, from Figure 47 on page 23 of the data sheet, the values ​​are 8us, 12us, and 14us…
  • FAQ: AD7606 vs AD7606B

    What’s the difference between the AD7606 and the AD7606B?

  • AD7606B CRC Claculation


    ADI have a question about CRC calculation for AD7606B.
    CRC calculation when the status header is enabled in parallel mode. Is the CRC calculated in the order of Vx + V status?
    In that case, is the V status 8bit or 16bit?
    I calculated the CRC according…