• RE: FFT not working in AD7606B

    Hi got the solution. needed to add `case IIO_CHAN_INFO_SAMP_FREQ:` in read raw of ad7606.c driver code

  • AD7606B: FAQs

    Q: What’s the difference between the AD7606 and the AD7606B?

    The AD7606B is a directly pin replacement for AD7606, with higher input impedance, throughput rate and extended temperature range, see A.N. 1559 for further details on how to migrate from…

  • RE: AD7606b vdrive voltage

    Hi Lambart,

    It is possible, it is functional as you can see on AD7606C-16/-18, but it is not spec´d at 5V Vdrive. 

    Do you need the 5Meg input impedance for your application? If so, AD7606B should be fully functional. If not, would AD7606C be still…

  • RE: register read not working in AD7606b parallel interface

    Hi Michael,

    we found the problem, we basically referred ADI AXI_AD7616 HDL code, and its logic was not able to meet WR_N signal specification. specs : WR_N low time  required min 88ns, actual having 60ns. 

    so we modified the HDL code to make WR_N  low time…

  • AD7606B Phase Delay


    I have a question about the phase delay of the AD7606B.

    The phase delay on page 4 of the data sheet is specified as 8us, 9us, and 11us (typ) for each SPEC.

    However, from Figure 47 on page 23 of the data sheet, the values ​​are 8us, 12us, and 14us…
  • FAQ: AD7606 vs AD7606B

    What’s the difference between the AD7606 and the AD7606B?

  • AD7606B CRC Claculation


    ADI have a question about CRC calculation for AD7606B.
    CRC calculation when the status header is enabled in parallel mode. Is the CRC calculated in the order of Vx + V status?
    In that case, is the V status 8bit or 16bit?
    I calculated the CRC according…

  • ad7606b linux device driver

    Hi   , we are trying to build for ad7606b linux driver and kernel image, as per our understanding whenever play button is  pressed in IIOscope postenable function gets executed from driver, similarly predisable function gets called when stop…

  • RE: AD7606B SPI mode read/write Register issue


    You need to keep CS low for 16 SCLK when trying to read registers. I am not familiar with MSP430FR2476 but I guess that should be possible? Do you have scope shots of the SPI lines when trying to do a register read/write?

    Is ADC read working always…

  • With regards CRC on AD7606B

    Hi , 

    I have a few questions with regard to CRC on AD7606B.

    1. On setting Register 0x21 to enable CRC, when will CRC be active. Should we read with CRC from the next command is it.

    2.Will the CRC register be all 0 when enabling CRC in  Register in Register…