• AD7606 placed in AD7606-4 footprint?


    Can I solder 8-channel AD7606 in 4-channel AD7606-4 footprint?

    It is possible to damage the aditional channels by conecting to GND.

    This is the only difference of these ADC's.

  • Comment on AD7606-4: No schematic is provided online or out of box for EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ

    Please note that the EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ evaluation platform for the AD7606-4 has moved to EVAL-AD7606-4SDZ. Since the AD7606-4 is pin for pin compatible with the AD7606 the same evaluation board is used for both ADCs. The schematic for the EVAL-AD7606…

  • RE: AD7606-4 malfunction

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  • RE: AD7606-4 Vdrive

    Thanks Jcolao!

    This Vdrive dependancy from AVcc may explain this AD behavior, and confirm our suspicion . The problem for us is that in our board, we first have Vdrive running and then enable AVcc. But this is sthg we have to solve, then.

    Even this…

  • AD7606-4 REGCAP Pins

    What would be the consequence of not connecting the AD7606-4 REGCAP pins (36 and 39). Would the conversion results not be accurate, or would the IC stop working all together? 

  • RE: Looking for Raspberry Pi interface to AD7864


    Thank you for the suggestion of using AD7606.

    No, I had not found it yet.


    It looks like the AD7606-4 would be an excellent choice.

    The evaluation board EVAL-AD7606-4SDZ at $65 is a real bargain.


    The datasheet for AD7606, et al. (Page…

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  • AD7606-4 pulling up Vdrive?

    I am seeing an AD7606-4 with AVcc=5V and Vdrive=3.3V apparently pulling up the Vdrive supply. Is this normal?

    This question is related to "AD7606-4 or AD5547 backdriving +3.3V power supply?" in the "Precision ADC" forum. It was "assumed answered", probably…

  • AD7606-4 Max Sampling frequency

    Hi all,

    I'm considering using the ADC AD7606-4, in the datasheet  I read a max sampling rate of 200kSps but I think is referred to the AD7606 with 8 input channels, is it right?
    As in page 7 i read tconv parameter for AD7606-4 is about half of AD7606…