• AD7606-4: No schematic is provided online or out of box for EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ

    I bought EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ and I want to use it standalone but no schematic is
    provided on ADI website or delevered with the evaluation board. I need the
    schematic in order to determine how to connect the evaluation board into my
    test circuit.

  • AD7606-4 Busy 訊號一直為高電平


    我使用 ESP32 以 SPI 連線方式 連接至AD7606-4 進行數據擷取


    程式啟動後 RST 觸發約 1sec ,那時BUSY電平還為低電平的狀態

    一旦 CVA/B 觸發後 BUSY 則一直為 高電平沒下降過。

    類比輸入的部分使用 470pF 的電容跨接到 VGND

    VREF 使用 ADR421ARZ 提供的 2.5V

    AVcc 為 5V ,Vdrive 為 3.3V


  • RE: 4 AD7606 parallel to FPGA

    Thanks Lluis!

    We have selected AD7606 for this design.We will consider AD7606C-16 next time.

  • AD7606-4第三四路采样异常问题


    • 采用stm32f103spi口(软件模拟端口)采样AD7606-4的通道AD1-4路,只采集到12路 数值,第34路未采集到。(ad3-4路输出为0x00000xffff
    • 硬件电路示波器时序见附件:
    • 通过示波器观察和软件测试,都发现ad3-4路输出为0x0000或0xffff。第1、2路采样ok。
    • 您能否帮忙看看问题在哪不?
    • 详细的各种图,波形请见word附件,我已经进行了整理。谢谢
    •  DOCX
  • 4个 AD7606 并联到FPGA的设计参考








  • RE: AD7606-4 malfunction

    Hi im using AD7606B for reading 4 channels(V1,V2,V3,V4). I'm performing RESET operation after every sample. I observed that FRSTDATA signal is high during all read period of 4 channels instead of V1 channel read. Rest signals are as desired. Why this…

  • AD7606-4 Max Sampling frequency

    Hi all,

    I'm considering using the ADC AD7606-4, in the datasheet  I read a max sampling rate of 200kSps but I think is referred to the AD7606 with 8 input channels, is it right?
    As in page 7 i read tconv parameter for AD7606-4 is about half of AD7606…

  • AD7606 - grounding considerations

    Q: Are there special grounding considerations for the AD7606?

    A: At least one ground plane should be used. It can be common or split between the digital and analog sections. In the case of the split plane, the digital and analog ground planes should be…

  • RE: AD7606 placed in AD7606-4 footprint?

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