• AD7606-4的时序



  • AD7606-4 malfunction

    I'm currently using a AD7606-4 to measure with two of it's channels the outputs from two OpAmps in the +-5V range and forward the result in the serial interface to a fiber optics receiver. However, I am having issues and I don't receive any signals from…

  • Replace AD7606-4 with AD7609 directly

    It seems AD7609 is pin to pin compatible with AD7606 (anyone can confirm this??). So can I solder a AD7609 directly to a PCB designed for AD7606-4?

  • AD7606-4 wrong conversion results

    Hello everyone, I'm in need of some help.

    I have encountered a problem during the usage of the AD7606-4. The read back conversion data via Serial Data Interface SPI (5.25 – 10.5 MHz with CPOL=0, CPHA =1) seems to be wrong.

    For example if I applie…

  • AD7606 placed in AD7606-4 footprint?


    Can I solder 8-channel AD7606 in 4-channel AD7606-4 footprint?

    It is possible to damage the aditional channels by conecting to GND.

    This is the only difference of these ADC's.

  • 关于AD7606-4的ADC值转换






    电压              ADC值

    -5V               0x7EDF

    0V                0xFFFF

    2.5V              0x405B

    5V                0x80EF

  • AD7606-4输入短接的问题


  • How to deal with the unused input of AD7606-4?

    I use one AD7606-4 on my board. All four channels are configured as below:

    But for now, I only need use CH1 and CH2. So I tried several methods:

    1. Short the input of CH3 and CH4 as below: But after that, my chip don't work well. The data sampled…
  • AD7606-4: No schematic is provided online or out of box for EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ

    I bought EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ and I want to use it standalone but no schematic is
    provided on ADI website or delevered with the evaluation board. I need the
    schematic in order to determine how to connect the evaluation board into my
  • AD7606-4 Vdrive

    Hi! we decided to use AD7606-4 component in our project, and we are on the verification process now

    By now, the AD7606-4 is not yet programmed and only supply voltage are active. I start to experience some trouble with voltage supply and current consumption…