• AD7606-4 Max Sampling frequency

    Hi all,

    I'm considering using the ADC AD7606-4, in the datasheet  I read a max sampling rate of 200kSps but I think is referred to the AD7606 with 8 input channels, is it right?
    As in page 7 i read tconv parameter for AD7606-4 is about half of AD7606…

  • RE: AD7606能支持差分信号输入吗





  • AD7606 - unipolar range configuration

    Q: The AD7606 can measure across +/-5V or +/-10V but I don’t really need to measure negative voltages. Can I configure the AD7606 to measure across the unipolar range and still get 16 bits resolution?

    A: The AD7606 is optimized for +/-5V and +/-10V…

  • how to connect 2 AD7606 to DSP TI 28335

    I would like to ask a question, if i use a AD7606 chip,the connecting of DB0~DB15 from ad7606 chip to ti 28335, is DB0 with XD0; DB1 with XD1...DB15 with XD15.
    But now, need to use 2 AD7606 chip, which pins of dsp 28335 should i connect another AD7606…

  • RE: can someone help me with AD7606


        The performance of  AD7606 when exposing or subjecting  beyond the absolute maximum rating is not guaranteed. The glitch can affect the AD7606 status and performance. You may refer to this thread, although this thread refers to AD7608, co family of…

  • AD7606 Transfer Characteristics Question


    I setup AD7606 pin8 that is RANGE to high, It means the ADC Vin Range is +-10V; Now when Vin =DC 5V, DSP processor  read data from AD7606 is 33292, When Vin =DC3.3V, DSP processor  read data from AD7606 is 22328; It's not consistent with transfer …

  • RE: unused analog inputs on AD7606

    If your application does not require all 8 analog input channels then the AD7606-6 and the AD7606-4 are from the AD7606 product family but are 6 and 4 channel versions respectively. However if you are using the AD7606 but dont use all 8 analog inputs…

  • Where can I found EVAL - AD7606 - 8BSTZ schematics and PCB files?

    Dear all,

    I am currently working with the EVAL - AD7606 - 8BSTZ evaluation plateform for the AD7606 - 8. You can find attached the schematic i'm using, but because it is the EVAL - AD7606 - 8SDZ schematic I'm surely going the wrong way, aren't I ??…

  • AD7606


  • AD7606

    I have purchase one ad7606 module. Is it possible for you to send the vhdl code for adc ad7606. I am familiar with vhdl code. I am new in vhdl as well as fpga.