• AD7606 placed in AD7606-4 footprint?


    Can I solder 8-channel AD7606 in 4-channel AD7606-4 footprint?

    It is possible to damage the aditional channels by conecting to GND.

    This is the only difference of these ADC's.

  • 8通道AD7606能否直接替换6通道AD7606?


  • AD7606 high speed

    I am trying to make the IIO ad7606.c and ad7606_spi.c Linux drivers work at high speed (>10Ksamples/sec) on a SAMA5D2 platform running Linux 5.4.41. Driver is working well and as expected at low sample rates, but once trying to increase the sample rate…

  • AD7606-4: No schematic is provided online or out of box for EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ

    I bought EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ and I want to use it standalone but no schematic is
    provided on ADI website or delevered with the evaluation board. I need the
    schematic in order to determine how to connect the evaluation board into my
  • AD7606 resolution


    I used AD7606-4 detect voltage signal,I found the resolution just can achieve 2mV.

    1.I used AFG31152(signal generator ) to create the voltage signal. when the input signal change 1mV, the output code of AD7606, did not change. But the  input signal change…

  • RE: AD7606


    Apologies, I would re-direct you the community shown below.  

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  • AD7606 Question

    When the AD7606 is powered down, there is signal(±10V) on the analog inputs, will it damage the ADC chip? It is best to have a documentation basis.

  • AD7606

    I have purchase one ad7606 module. Is it possible for you to send the vhdl code for adc ad7606. I am familiar with vhdl code. I am new in vhdl as well as fpga.

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  • AD7606