• Comment on AD7606-4: No schematic is provided online or out of box for EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ

    Please note that the EVAL-AD7606-4EDZ evaluation platform for the AD7606-4 has moved to EVAL-AD7606-4SDZ. Since the AD7606-4 is pin for pin compatible with the AD7606 the same evaluation board is used for both ADCs. The schematic for the EVAL-AD7606…

  • AD7606 and BF609 comunication base on Sport


    I attempt to accomplish comunication between AD7606 and BF561 through SPORT . Some pins connection as follow:

    RSCLK1(BF561) to SCK(AD7606);

    DR1PRI (BF561) to DoutA(AD7606);

    DR1SEC(BF561) to DoutB(AD7606);

    And I want to know the FSTDATA(AD7606…

  • How can I use two AD7606 in one Atmega128?


    I want to use 16 channels ADC data. So I select AD7606.

    After ADC from AD7606 (serial mode), datas are connected to Atmega128

    Atmega128 transmits data to MFC viewer by bluetooth

    When I use just one AD7606, I can see analog input data from MFC…

  • RE: Looking for Raspberry Pi interface to AD7864


    Thank you for the suggestion of using AD7606.

    No, I had not found it yet.


    It looks like the AD7606-4 would be an excellent choice.

    The evaluation board EVAL-AD7606-4SDZ at $65 is a real bargain.


    The datasheet for AD7606, et al. (Page…

  • AD7606 - grounding considerations

    Q: Are there special grounding considerations for the AD7606?

    A: At least one ground plane should be used. It can be common or split between the digital and analog sections. In the case of the split plane, the digital and analog ground planes should…

  • AD7606 probe function not getting called

    Hi Team ,
    I am trying to add support to an "Analog SPI device AD7606" from device tree
    so that the driver's "drivers/staging/iio/adc/ad7606_spi.c"
    probe function is called ( Apalis iMX6 + IXORA )

    Enabled the spi device in arch…

  • RE: add sysfs trigger

    Sorry for delay, Lars.

    I resolved the problem with trigger. I wrote wrong name of device and therefore probe function of trigger could not start.

    Now I trying the setup the AD7606 driver. I wrote the debug message after each step in the "probe" function…

  • RE: AD7606 Serial interface to PC


    It would not be possible to connect up the AD7606 evaluation board directly. The AD7606 requires a CNVST signal in order to initiate a conversion, set the conversion timing and the output data rate of the ADC. You would also need to be able to time…

  • Making a program on my own to acquire data from AD7606

    Hello, I am currently using evaluation software to acquire data from the AD7606 EVAL Board. However, I want to make a program on my own for scientific usage.

    Is there the labview source code of eveluation software for the AD7606? And what is the EEPROM…