• AD75019 I get strange results when trying to control the AD75019 from an Arduino


    I am trying to use an AD75019 to route analog signals on -10 to +10v.

    I have provided +/- 12v to the analog supplies, 5v to the digital supply and am running SPI from the arduino at 1MHz. I've observed the clk,pclk,sin lines on the oscilloscope…

  • RE: AD75019 minimum supply voltage

    Hi John, sorry for the late reply to your question it was missed.  For completeness I will answer.  The part needs a minimum spread between Vdd to Vss of 9V to work.   What is your Vss? 0V?  That would not be enough.  The minimum Vcc is 4.5V.  

    This part is not…

  • AD75019

    Dear Engineer Zone,

    Please, I would need your help in orr to be sure that my circuit wil lbe stable and/or have some conclusions about AD75019 behaviuor (I have used two chips).

    I'm using AD75019 with following configuration:

    Pin 1: PCLK

    Pin 2:…

  • AD75019: FAQs

    We are designing a benchmark circuit for testing diagnosis algorithms. We would
    like to use the analog switches array AD75019 to build several circuit
    estructures. But we need to know the maximum current allowed through the
    switch, before buying…

  • RE: Using the AD75019 for audio.

    Hi Vincent,

    You know our parts well then!  Nice to hear that.  Yes, the ADG5212 is very different from the AD75019, I mentioned it just as an example.  We don't have Ron plots for the much older AD75019 unfortunately.  As you say if you are going through…

  • On resistance of AD75019


    I need to know more about the Ron of the switches in the AD75019, which we use a lot of and find to be a brilliant and unique device !

    The datasheet states typ 150 ohm for +/-12Vsignals... but I find that the Ron is more like 110+-10% for 2V signals…

  • AD75019 on resistance


    I have a question from our customer about on resistance of AD75019.

    The customer wants to know the "source voltage vs on resistance" characteristics.

    I am guessing it is difficult to get right the characteristics because the AD75019…

  • AD75019 Switching Limitations

    Hello -

    When looking at the AD75019, or any of the matrix/crosspoint arrays, what are the limitations of the switching combinations, if any?

    Specifically, two scenarios come to mind:

    1) Let's say. X1 is an input. Can I switch so that X1 goes to Y1…

  • using the AD75019


    I wish to use several AD75019 in a daisy chain to create a large switch matrix (between 6 and 16 of these chips), and I have been successful in controlling one of them so far.

    When the chip is clocked, the data will eventually exit from SOUT on…

  • Several Questions about the AD75019

    Hi. I have a few questions regarding the AD75019. Please let me know if I have been unclear or if you require any additional information. 

    Thanks in advance,


    Question 1   

    I would like to confirm the accuracy of the note at the end of the following…