• AD7492 artifacts


    I am using the AD7492 ADC to convert an analog signal at about 0.1 MSPS but at irregular intervals I am getting single samples which are way off. The samples always contain many 1-bits near each other e.g. 0x3FF0 or oxE000. I have outputted the…

  • AD7492噪声



  • AD7492:reference


    I want to take the internal reference from the REFOUT pin AD7492. There is no typical connection diagram for it in AD7492 Datasheet. How can I use it in a system correctly?

  • the noise of AD7492

    from the figure of the bellow,we use the samping frequency 100khz  to samp the signals,when the time is 40ms,the vibration sigals is coming ,but the analog sinals is no noise(by observating the oscilloscope),and the frequency of analog sinals is about…

  • the work mode of ad7492

    according to the schematic of AD7492,The pin 11 of the chip is PS/FS,when the pin is high,the chip is in partial sleep mode,and when the pin is low,the chip is in full sleep mode,however,when the pin is impending,the chip is in normal mode?

  • AD7492有没有正常模式


  • 请教:我要如何处理模拟开关和ADC的电源?AD7492





  • AD7492BRUZ referencing


    The AD7492 datasheet says that the internal 2.5 V reference is available for external referencing. The EVAL-AD7492SDZ User Guide showing the connection of REF OUT with +input of the AD8021AR what have typical Input Bias Current 7.5 uA.
    I want to connect…

  • EVAL-AD7492SDZ Schematic


    I want to reproduce a power supply for AD7492 from EVAL-AD7492SDZ. But I'm not sure that schematic from UG-371 is correct (figure 25, page 14).

    I think that D803 and R807 must be connected to Q801, L803 must be connected to R805 (but I can…

  • AD7492BRUZ outputting only a subset of the possible values

    I am making a sensor sampling circuit with an AVR microcontroller sampling my AD7492BRUZ ADC at about 500 Hz (low frequency just for testing).

    The problem I have is that the ADC doesn't output all digital values within its 12 bit range. Instead, it will…