• RE: AD7492:reference

    Hi 150380jane,

       The AD7492 has a 2.5V internal reference that can be output in the REFOUT pin. The 2.5V internal reference is buffered and connected to the core 12bit SAR ADC. To stabilize the 2.5V internal reference, it is recommended to place a 100nF…

  • the noise of AD7492

    from the figure of the bellow,we use the samping frequency 100khz  to samp the signals,when the time is 40ms,the vibration sigals is coming ,but the analog sinals is no noise(by observating the oscilloscope),and the frequency of analog sinals is about…

  • AD7492 artifacts


    I am using the AD7492 ADC to convert an analog signal at about 0.1 MSPS but at irregular intervals I am getting single samples which are way off. The samples always contain many 1-bits near each other e.g. 0x3FF0 or oxE000. I have outputted the…

  • AD7492噪声



  • RE: the work mode of ad7492

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  • RE: AD7492BRUZ referencing

    Hi Regwer,

       Thanks for sharing. As I mentioned, the performance of AD7492 specification is not guarantee when placing resistor right after the REFOUT. The Evaluation board has placed a buffer on the REFOUT, this is to have enough current drive on the…

  • AD7492BRUZ: Thermal, Power and weight information

    Hi Can you please provide the following information for the AD7492BRUZ  Part ?
    1. Junction Temperature Max (Tj Max)
    2. Typical Power, (Pd typ)
    3. Maximum Power (Pd max)
    4. Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient (Theta JA
    5. Thermal…
  • AD7492有没有正常模式


  • AD7492BRUZ outputting only a subset of the possible values

    I am making a sensor sampling circuit with an AVR microcontroller sampling my AD7492BRUZ ADC at about 500 Hz (low frequency just for testing).

    The problem I have is that the ADC doesn't output all digital values within its 12 bit range. Instead, it will…

  • RE: ADC used for single-pulse conversion

    Hi Postino,

    Here are some list of ADC that could be suitable for your application. You may also wanted to check the ADI website and do a parametric search and put in parameters on the ADC that you wanted to search. Please refer to the link below.