• AD7682 linux driver

    Could I use  AD7476A IIO Single Channel Serial ADC Linux Driver also for AD7682  or exist other drivers?

  • RE: AD7476 Interfacing Code in Verilog

    Hi suvanB,

         I can refer you to a link that contains the AD7476 software driver. Hope this helps.

    AD7476A Pmod Xilinx FPGA Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki]



  • Multiple AD7476 (PmodAD1)

    Hi there,

    Following on from the successful build and test of a single PmodAD1 : http://ez.analog.com/message/123360

    I have modified the reference design to have two AD7476A HDL blocks and also included other necessary changes to route through a dma…

  • Reliability reports


    Tell me please in what reliability reports (full name or .pdf or links prefered) I can find all data that you use in your FITs calculations for:

    • Process Technology: 0.18um CMOS Product P/N: AD9739
    • Process Technology: BiCMOS Product P/N: AD…
  • RE: IIO cannot hook the data of PMOD AD7476


    What's the design that you are using, is it AD7476A Pmod Xilinx FPGA Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki]? And what's the baseboard, is it the ZED board?

    Is the device connected to the correct PMOD header, it should be on PMOD-JD1. Also…

  • RE: AD7357 how to check the DC Accuracy in worst case condition

    Hi Kevin,

    I have attached some list of ADC that were Automotive Qualified. Do you have specific paramater that you are looking for an ADC? like Throughput rate, no. of channels, or Resolution.

    You can also visit the Analog Devices website and filter…

  • Linux IIO faster way to read

    Hi there,

    I am creating a way to connect IIO to jack. I am currently having trouble reading data from the device using the standard 'read' command in a low latency manner.

    In my case I am using the AD7476A chip on a pre-manufactured module.

  • AD7682 interface to Linux processor

    Hi there, Running into a few issues while attempting to setup the IIO subsystem.

    Using this as a basis -https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/linux-drivers/iio-adc/ad7476a

    1. The first instruction is to specify the reference voltage via the…

  • RE: where can I find a diagram of Pmod AD1 integrated with Zynq


    Now I fully understand the position regarding legacy products. However, there are still many applications require modest data rates especially, if the data should be retained. Not everyone does SDR these days.

    Now regarding to the Pmod AD1 …

  • RE: Petalinux HDMI can`t found on zed

    Hi larsc ,I updated the petalinux kernel and devicetree ,all of that ,but it does not work well, the log upstairs is the upgraded devicetree output file , Even now I don`t know why, and I give up the petalinux ,I did`t think it`s a better way for may…