• RE: No node in /dev to access AD7476 (through IIO Framework)


      The unbind and bind method worked when we built as the ad7476 as a built-in module. But we need to build the ad7476 as a loadable module. This is because depending on the application used, we need to load the spidev driver or the ad7476 driver …

  • RE: AD 7476 Interfacing Code in Verilog


    The verilog code for interfacing the ad7476 can be found at:

    no-OS/Pmods/PmodAD1/cf_lib/edk/pcores/axi_ad7476_v1_00_a/hdl/verilog at master · analogdevicesinc/no-OS · GitHub

    The reference design is an old project, based on XPS. There is no verilog…

  • RE: AD7476SRT input impedence

    Hi, Chaitanya.

    The 100Ω resistor is the typical value of the lumped component made up of the on resistance of the switch as seen on Figure 15 of the datasheet. What opamp are you using? This document here contains some suggestions on driver amplifiers…

  • 2008-02-06 13:42:40     Can AD7476 SPI daughter board send data over SPORT

    2008-02-06 13:42:40     Can AD7476 SPI daughter board send data over SPORT

    Myrick Monroe (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 50769    I just noticed from the AD7476 data sheet that the ADI 21xx DSP family serial connection for the AD7476 is the SPORT port.  Is there…

  • CMOS IC processing


    How to find out the process technologies (CMOS IC processing) for the following ADCs:
    AD7466, AD7476, AD7170, AD7151 ?


  • AD7476 missing codes

    I cannot get a the AD7476 in my circuit to produce and output code greater that 4080 Decimal.  All codes below this value are produced and within spec (see the INL graph below).  I do see the effects of large code transitions from a string of eight "1"s…

  • ad7476的SDATA


  • RE: Multiple AD7476 (PmodAD1)

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    Please let us know if you are still having issues.


  • AD7476 Interfacing Code in Verilog


        I am trying to use a PMOD AD1 from digilent, which has 2 AD7476s. I am using it with a Zedboard and need some kind of basic reference code for interfacing the ADC. I have posted my code below. I can see it converting the data, on the DataA pin digital…

  • ad7476.c Linux driver in daisy chain mode

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to use the ad7476.c driver with a daisy chain of ADCs ?

    I notice that the ad7476.c driver supports many different ADCs, we want to use 4 AD7693 ADCs on the same SPI bus ...

    I was wondering if this has been done ? Are there…