• AD7476, sample and hold functionalities


    I am planning to use AD7476 in my application.

    I want to know the timing diagram of the sample and hold circuit used for this application.

    ADC takes the value when it is sampled and holds for certain amount, can i know the timing diagram for the same…

  • ad7476的SDATA


  • AD7476 missing codes

    I cannot get a the AD7476 in my circuit to produce and output code greater that 4080 Decimal.  All codes below this value are produced and within spec (see the INL graph below).  I do see the effects of large code transitions from a string of eight "1"s…

  • AD7476转换公式



  • Multiple AD7476 (PmodAD1)

    Hi there,

    Following on from the successful build and test of a single PmodAD1 : http://ez.analog.com/message/123360

    I have modified the reference design to have two AD7476A HDL blocks and also included other necessary changes to route through a dma…

  • AD7476没有数据




  • AD7476读不出数据


  • AD7476 Interfacing Code in Verilog


        I am trying to use a PMOD AD1 from digilent, which has 2 AD7476s. I am using it with a Zedboard and need some kind of basic reference code for interfacing the ADC. I have posted my code below. I can see it converting the data, on the DataA pin digital…

  • 关于AD7476和AD7476A的不同点



    AD7476A提供了KS-6这样更小的封装,以及71 dB SNR at 100 kHz的表现。但是我还是希望得到专家的解答,即这两款芯片有何差别?非常感谢!

  • AD7476 behaves like reference is only VDD/2.

    Hello, I am trying to understand a board, that contains an AD7476ARTZ. My question is certainly very low level, I am a physicist not an engineer, so I hope you don't mind my ignorance.

    The problem is, that the digital output seems to be about twice…