• RE: AD7466 VIN drops issue

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  • AD7466的SPI读写


  • AD7466- cs input

    Hi All,

    I am planning to use AD7466 in my application and I have a question about the cs input.

    In order to take data out of the ADC after conversion, the CS signal can be low the whole time to obtain different sets of data or do I need to alternate…

  • AD7466 - Signal conversion with DC offset


    I am trying to convert a signal which on a DC offset. The offset is not so high that it will saturate to the DC rails. Do you anticipate any problems to this type of signal ? Will the ADC still do the conversion if it sees the signal levels change…

  • Switching an RF Detector between Measurement Mode and Controller Mode

    Question: Is it possible to configure an RF Detector so that it can be switched between Measurement Mode and Controller Mode.

    Answer: The attached schematic shows one possible implementation where the RF detector can operate in Measurement Mode or Controller…

  • CMOS IC processing


    How to find out the process technologies (CMOS IC processing) for the following ADCs:
    AD7466, AD7476, AD7170, AD7151 ?


  • Clocking on AD7276

    A few questions about the clock input on this device.

    1) is it OK to clock at a slower speed than 48 MHz?  I only need to sample at about 200k SPS instead of 3M SPS and was having problems with glitches at higher clock speeds.  Are there parameters within…

  • What is a suitable Blackfin or Sharc evaluation board to use for my monopulse tracking sonar electronic engineering final year project?

    Good day everyone

    I am currently busy with my final year project in electronic engineering at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. I am doing a Monopulse sonar where I have to track a moving target using frequencies in the audible range (20Hz…

  • RE: 1.2V supply data converters

    Hi Goal,

    What sampling rate are you looking from the ADC?

    What settling rate are you looking for from a DAC?

    This will help narrow the portfolio options, but I can tell you that in precision ADCs ( up to 10Msps) the options are limited to the AD74…